Country Fried Chicken Burger

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Burgs by Project Warung @burgsbyprojectwarung - one of my favourite places to go to for dinner after work 🤪 the burgers here are really one of the best ever! Really love the grilled chicken burger (yes double meat!!) with nachos cheese sauce and honey butter wings!! Adds up to $19.75 per person for a set like this but very worth it nevertheless for the quantity & quality!!
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Top Left - Truffle Mushroom Burger (Single - $8.00) with Cuban Fries add-on with set = $3.50. Ala Carte = $4.50
Top Right - Country Fried Chicken Burger (Single - $5.50) with free Fried Fries
Bottom Left - Nacho Fish & Chip Burger (Single - $5.90) with Truffle Fries add-on with set = $3.50) Ala Carte = $4.50
Bottom Right - Burgs' Bacon and Cheese Burger (Single - $7.00) with free Fried Fries.

In overall, I found that its burger size is quite small and not that filling. I felt that Nacho Fish & Chip Burger really not fantastic and the fish is quite dry. I think their standard have dropped a bit for fish burger. I think I should be try Country Fried Chicken Burger next time.

My first trip to golden mile hawker center🌞✨ (definitely not my last)✨ My first choice to try is @projectwarung 😍✨ - they have a great range of burgers - e.g. truffle mushroom burger with fries at less than $10🙃 I tried their burgs chicken burger with spicy mayo sauce☺️ personally I don’t find the chicken extraordinary but the bun is really fluffy and have a fresh bite to it👍✨portion-wise for the price it’s pretty reasonable I would say ( maybe not filling for big appetites🤔) the fries has a taste of Cajun powder which adds much flavour😍 do recommend to give it a try for the price, especially when you are craving for burgers that is not macdonalds🌝😂
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Date visited: 1/5/2018 (Sat, 12:45pm).
The long snaking queue hasn’t really formed yet.

As you can see from the photos, the plain but light, fluffy toasted bun (hearsay from a bakery in Joo Chiat), is stamped with the Burgs logo. Niceeee!

All burger orders come standard with a side of fries.

Classic beef burger (Single; $4.50)/ (double; $7.00)
Bacon & cheese burger (Single; $6.50)/ (double; $9.00)
Hickory smoked beef brisket burger ($5.50)
Barbequed chicken burger (Single; $5.50)/ (Double; $9.00)
Tokyo fried chicken (Single; $5.00)/ (Double; $7.50)
Nacho fish & chips burger ($5.90)/ (Double; $7.90)

Photograph (Top row): Bacon & cheese burger
The Australian beef patty is juicy yet tender. The beef bacon was slightly chewy, with a hint of savoury flavour signature of cured meat. The burger also comes with a house-made sauce, as well as a spiced nacho cheese sauce.

Photograph (Bottom row): Nachos fish burger
The fish burger also came with the same light and fluffy toasted bun stamped with their logo (just like the Bacon Cheese Burger ordered).
The fried fish was juicy, yet crunchy and tasty, without being particularly greasy. It paired well with the spiced nacho cheese sauce.

Both are great-tasting burgers! Will go back for more! 👍

The easy choices were to order both the Burgs Bacon & Cheese Burger ($6.50) and Tokyo Fried Chicken Burger ($5) so that you can have the best of both worlds. Between the both, I would prefer the beef option for it’s juicy patty, beef bacon and the sliced cheese. To up the ante further, I highly recommend you add a sunny side-up, which is what I did and it totally change the entire ball game from being a great burger to an awesome one. You definitely have to visit this stall when you are here at Golden Mile Food Centre and for people who is living in Bedok; rejoice as they have opened their second outlet with a different menu at the Viva Business Park.
Burgs by Project Warung
Address: 505, Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre, Unit B1-24, Singapore 199583

Satisfiying warm and soft buns. To delight, it came with fries. Juicy.


As much as I enjoyed the crunch of the piece of fried chicken, it was a tad too dry overall - unlike a better proportion of sauce used in their Teriyaki Chicken Burger ($5.50). Portion was smaller than what we expected too and we thought our second burger was much more value for money for its quantity!

But the chicken burgers were sold out by the time we were there. Had to make do with the ebi burger for myself, and hickory pulled beef brisket ($5.50) for bf. The ebi wasn't in a patty, but just 2 tempura ebi. I thought it wasn't worth $4.90 (which comes with the fries). But the addition of sunny side up (50 cents) was a good idea! I love gooey egg yolks~~ 😊 However, the chilli sauce had a funny weird indianspicetastesmell which ruined the French fries for me 😅 #projectwarung #burpplesg #burpple #burpplesghawkerfare #goldenmilefoodcentre


Char-grilled marinated chicken thigh, sesame coleslaw, sunny side up egg and bonito flakes. It was sold out the last time we were there and I can see why. It was an interesting and yummy combination.
It was sold out again after we collected our burgers!
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Meal comes with along fries. I don enjoy eating teriyaki that much but this teriyaki burger was nice. It has chicken thigh, coleslaw, sunny side up egg and bonito flakes (the one which is found on takoyaki balls). I would give 7.5/10. They open at 5pm but people will start queuing from 4:59pm onwards.

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