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Custard Buns (Liu Sha Bao)

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Unfortunately the stall we wanted to try was closed but found this other one nearby instead. The first bite of the bao was abit disappointing as the lava wasn’t really flowing out much. It’s only came out about more on the 3rd bite+lightly pressing the bao with chopsticks. Personally I feel that they should have steamed the Bao a little longer, since some of the custard has not reached the float consistency. However I must say the bread is extremely fluffy!! Like it’s was so soft and matched the mildly sweet custard well.
Liu Sha bao($4.2)
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Everything in the picture was bad I honestly don’t get what’s all the good reviews about. Only thing acceptable was the liu sha bao but even that was pretty cold but otherwise flavour was not bad. Don’t bother coming down.

There are some item we wanted to order but apparently they sold out. Guess we will late but nonetheless, we still enjoy our dim sum.😋
- Char Siew Chee Cheong Fan😐
- Har Gow😊
- Delightful Siew Mai😊
- Succulent Braised Pork Bun😋
- Lovely Char Siew Bao😊
- Lava Custard Bao😋
- Deep Fried Bun with gooey Chilli Crab Sauce🙂
- Appetizing Scallop Dumplings😊
- Crispy and tasty Spring Rolls😋
- Aromatic Lotus Leaf Wrapped Rice😋😋
🚩Mongkok Dim Sum, 214 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389274
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I responded to my cravings for Dim Sum, and appeared in front of Mongkok Dim Sum. They have a wide variety of Dim Sum to choose from, and my favourites during this visit would be the Pan-Fried Carrot Cake (S$4.20), the Custard Bun (S$4.20) and their signature Mongkok Egg Tart (S$4.20).

Taste aside, the Dim Sum were made to order, especially when every table would order at least one set of Mongkok Egg Tart, the staff had to inform us to wait for a while for fresh bakes. True enough, the tarts were served hot, with the egg custard silky smooth and the tart shell so thin, I thought it was almost non-existent. Compared to many egg tarts out there with thick tart shells, this one became a must order needless to say.

The only item that did not go well for me was their Chrysanthemum Tea (S$1.20), which came in a coffee mug and was sweetened. Maybe their Chinese Tea would make a better pairing with the food, but just do note that they are charged per cup rather than per head.

one of the BEST egg tarts in sg goes to these lil babies; it’s kinda sad they r underrated bc of all the popular brands out there like taicheong (which r absolutely delicious too ofc)

a buttery, flaky pastry which encompasses a light and wobbly custard center!! it’s super smooth and soft, which goes rly well with the crisp and crumbly texture of the crust!! the aroma and flavourful of this gets me all the time, i literally order 3 just for myself 🤤

The liushabao and char siew bao were really satisfying; the filling was flavourful and the skin was soft and not too thick. Fried stuff were a lil too oily, but the egg tarts were really good. Flaky layers served warm to the table, the egg custard portion wasn't too sweet.

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A 10-minute walk from Kallang MRT Station, this dim sum restaurant serves both dim sum and zi char dishes, so you can have the best of both worlds under one roof. Unlike its sister outlet at Beauty World that operates till 2am, Mongkok Dim Sum's Geylang outlet is operational 24 hours daily, making it the perfect venue for a fuss-free late night supper with a large group of friends. Start with their silky smooth Steamed Rice Roll with Shrimp ($4.20) before digging into the Beef Horfun (from $6) and the Salted Egg and Butter Pork Ribs (from $14) — both tasty, filling options that are great for sharing! From the dim sum menu, skip the not-so-great Gula Melaka Steamed Cake (Ma La Gao) ($4) and go with Tastemaker Ni Eats recommendation instead — the Custard Buns (Liu Sha Bao) ($4.20 for three). The lightly salted custard centre is oozy and flowy, just the way we like it!
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Ni Eats

3 for $4.20. Custard baos that are not overly custardy but has a slight salted egg taste. And definitely flowy enough. Opened for 24 hours, you can have dim sum any time of the day! #burpplesglatenights


Pretty decent food. All five dishes are each priced at four bucks and above. The baos at the bottom are liu sha bao. Bread to filling ratio wasn't optimal, but the liu sha tasted good. Bf didn't like the chee cheong fan much. We liked the har gao though, big and plump. Despite the lacklustre food, it felt pretty satisfying to have this meal at 2am.