Chicken & Waffles

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This was so good!!!! The fried chicken was so well seasoned and juicy. Paired it with their maple syrup (which wasn’t overly sweet and artificial) and this was chef’s kiss!!! 10/10

The crunch of crispy chicken skin definitely is my favourite piece of music

I was quite excited about brunch as I enjoyed the food when I was here previously. However, this time I was disappointed. Firstly, the items on the menu were lesser than the actual menu displayed on chope. I ordered the chicken with waffles, which was soft and the chicken was dry. I ordered a mocha which was normal. I liked their honey glazed bacon🥓 though, goes well with the waffles. One thing I liked about this place was that they allow bookings.
Taste: 2.5/5⭐️
Value: 2/5⭐️

Perfectly seasoned boneless chicken together with the fluffy buttermilk waffle and maple butter was just a flavour explosion 💥 everything came together really nicely and the textures and flavours complemented one another 🥺 love love love this so much !

So far I haven’t had any pancakes that could beat CSB. Proper, hot, fluffy pancakes for an anytime meal of the day. Portions are huge and best eaten shared.

Gotta try the fried chicken waffles! Sweet and savoury and delighting on the palate.

The place to go to when you’re craving pancakes.

Rating: 5/5 (For the pancakes and fried chicken waffles)

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Chicken & Waffles - $21
Buttermilk waffle drizzled w honey-Tabasco sauce, served with warm maple butter. The highlight is the fried chicken actually! Well seasoned and stays crispy after turning cold. It goes very well with or even without the waffles. A must order on top of their pancakes which are huge in serving
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Honey-Tobasco sauce drizzled over buttermilk waffle, served with warm maple butter. A dish made famous in Southern America, that is both savoury and sweet. Perfect for those with exploratory palettes.

the chicken & waffles had to be my fave cafe dish ever!!!!!! the waffle was so soft and chewy (my fave kind ever), and i legit need every cafe to start serving this kind of waffles. the chicken was also very well seasoned; it was slightly salty and spicy on its own but balanced out really well with the slight sweetness of the waffle. & can i say that the maple butter was glorious? the addition of butter kinda added a little more weight (if it’s the right word?) to the maple syrup and i felt that it helped to add more dimension to the dish.

Day 5 of Circuit Breaker: It’s my mum’s birthday today so I treated my parents to 2 chicken & waffles (and 2 scrambled eggs) 🧇🐔 The delivery came with two tubs of honey tabasco sauce, maple butter and a free brownie! I thought the food would arrive at 12pm since that was the delivery timing and was told there would be a delay but it actually came before 11.30am, so that’s something to consider when ordering food delivery 🙈


Post-pilates chicken and waffle goodness 🧇🐓 10/10 would recommend. It’s $21++ and $2 for a second helping of maple butter.

PS. You can get your @clintonst_sg chicken and waffles delivered to your door on @deliveroo_sg and @grabfoodsg 💯💯💯