Steamed Glutinous Rice with Pork

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What special about this is that the glutinous rice is seasoned and soaked before being placed in a bowl together with sliced of belly porks, then put in steamer for 3 hours.

So both the rice and pork have fused together to create this aromatic dish that sticky but melt easily in your mouth.

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Another dish that I loved. Dining mates didn't like lotus/the sauce but I loved almost everything about the dish. It's entirely sweet, but somehow doesn't feel like a dessert. The lotus were cooked to perfection for this dish, and the thick sauce was so gooey and comforting. Get this to share amongst 3 minimum, it's q filling due to the glutinous rice inside

PSA restaurant available on eatigo, CHECK YOUR BOOKING CAREFULLY

Very normal zongzi, in fact the meat was quite tough. I have no doubt it could have been a stellar dish in the past, but wtv the case this wasn't impressive at all

So apparently I booked for only 2pax, then 3 pax turned up and they told me the 50% discount will be reduced to 30%. Very surprised there's such thing, but when I went to check eatigo turns out if the reservation isn't more than 2 weeks in advance, there really is only 30% discount for 3 pax for the same timeslot that has a 50% discount for 2 pax. So they didn't set this SOP arbitrarily, nonetheless it left a really bitter taste in our mouths. So moral of story make sure your reservation details are correct

Nanjing Impressions is a popular restaurant chain based in Nanjing but with outlets all over China. They specialize in Huaiyang cuisine and in particular Jingling (Nanjing) dishes.

Stepping into Nanjing Impressions is as if you have stepped a few hundred years into the past into a traditional inn (客栈). They have paper lanterns hanging in the air and you seat at dark wooden tables and benches. There is also a pavillion where you get to enjoy traditional musical performances.

Huaiyang cuisine centres around meticulous stewing, braising and careful steaming over a low fire. 金牌蜜汁藕 (or caramelised lotus roots), one of Nanjing Impressions' signature dishes, is a fine example of this. The crunchy lotus roots are stuffed with soft fluffy glutinous rice and coated with a delectable sweet sauce made from reducing pear juice. Simple yet superb.

Favourite duck dumplings 😍
1) duck dumplings
2) pork belly steamed glutinous rice
3) salted water chicken (direct translation 😱)
4) garlic prawn on hotplate
4) fried nian gao
Impressed by how duck dumplings are being crafted the same like xlb with the oozing component... So flavourful, no hesitation for a 2nd basket... Tried the rest of the order good but can never be compared with the duck dumplings 😂
📍Nanjing Impressions
Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839
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This was like the boozy version of tangyuan in red bean paste! Could really taste the Chinese wine. Unusual and I quite enjoyed it.

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We found this fairly ordinary, though the rice was soft and the texture was enjoyable.

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Glutinous Rice With Pork Belly $9
Love the texture and stickiness of this glutinous rice. Very flavourful rice, nice balance between sticky and gummy. The meat adds a nice texture and chewiness to the dish. Definitely my favorite dish of the night.