Khaw Kha Moo

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Well marinated
Egg compliments the trotter really well
Minus points:
Veg had a strong pesticide smell
You should not put the saucer plate on the serving plate. There are risk of contamination. Can you be sure that your saucer plate is thorougly cleaned and sanitised?
It taste like Khaw Kha Moo but it still lacks the umami taste that it should have.
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Khaw Kha Moo ($8.80)

This thai braised pork knuckle with rice was an unexpected find @kinmoo_tql . More known for their wonton mee (which I did not try), I opted for the less mainstream options. This braised pork knuckle was a clear winner with that generous portion of gelatinous and well marinated melt-in-your-mouth knuckle meat/fat which really reminded me of my street food finds while holidaying in Bangkok! Only the side veg didn’t sit too well with my palate but that’s probably a personal preference.


Newly opened in Bugis, Kin Moo dishes out Thai food with a slight Singaporean twist. This is theirThai version of Braised Pork Knuckle Rice, also known as Khaw Kha Moo, served with chunks of tender Pork Knuckle with skin, fat in all its glory, salted mustard greens, blanched Kai Lan, soft boiled egg and a punchy Thai chilli sauce. Great value-for-money lunch/dinner option if you ask me.


Last night's dinner round 2 - happen to be back again twice in a day but this time more friends, more food! Khaw Kha Moo (braised pork knuckle with rice) was tender and apparently the pairing with kiamchye is the way to go!
BaaMee Haeng Cha Kang Rao had springy noodles with minced meat and pork ribs reminding us of local bakchormee, not in a bad way; and we had a balanced meal finishing up with a hearty Kow Lao Moo (mixed pork soup) and Tomyum Goong. Surprisingly didn't mind the lightly battered fried intestines.

Best part is each dish here (other than tomyum) costs


KinMoo is the newest Thai establishment round town, and they dish up ubiquitous Thai eats such as boat noodles, Thai wanton mee and rice dishes such as this authentic Thai braised pork knuckle.

The tender pork knuckles were slow braised in a delightfully moreish sauce which imparted substantial amounts of savory flavor that left us coming back for more. As for the flesh itself, it was tremendously tender, falling apart easily while the skin and fats were well cooked, being soft yet not overly gelatinous and endearingly sticky. The stellar sauce is also poured out atop the rice, transforming the pedestrian pearls into delectable little carb bombs.

Better yet, the zingy chili sauce on the side serves to jolt your tastebuds awake from the haze of savory richness and add some heat to the proceedings. As for the eggs, they were woefully overcooked, and it would be far more preferable if it was soft boiled instead of hardboiled, but then again, the pork is why you're here, so it's a bit of a nitpick.

And the best part? This flavor fiesta is only $7.90.