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Kueh Salaat

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I've got to say this is a textbook rendition. Nothing to fault. Pandan custard particularly was rich yet not cloying However, it certainly wasn't mindblowing, nor deserve to have this price tag.


I always find Bengawan Solo’s slice of kueh salat is too small to satisfy my cravings. The slice of kueh salat here is more size appropriate, or it could be my greed talking. It’s moist and not too jelak.

Finally tried the famous two-layered Nyonya dessert, Kueh Salat, from Chalk Farm. The three of us don’t understand the hype (it’s nothing to shout about) or why it’s so expensive (Internet says it used to be $5.30 and now somehow it’s $9?) 🤷🏻‍♀️ The green custard layer is really eggy, and pretty watered down in terms of flavour. It lacks any pandan flavour or fragrance. The butterfly pea extract infused glutinous rice layer is pretty mushy. It would be better if there was more texture and was less soft, such that you could taste each grain of glutinous rice. Verdict: It’s okay for afternoon tea but please support your local auntie at the hawker centre who sells a much more amazing, satisfying, cheaper, more authentic version of this kueh :)


Saw this last pc sitting on the counter and thou the price was daunting, I closed my eyes and handed over my card. Super creamy durian custard was melt in the mouth, with a wonderful durian fragrance. The glutinous rice part was soft and had a delightful chewy texture. Not hard at all, even thou I had it in e fridge overnight and steamed it hot for breakfast.

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File this away for when you're on the hunt for impressive whole cakes (best to order 4 days in advance). Try their popular Kueh Salat ($5.30 per slice, $72 for whole cake), or be wowed by their version of the strawberry spongecake, Summer Berry ($80 for whole cake) featuring four, fine feathery vanilla sponges doused in fresh cream and berries. Otherwise, indulge in the super addictive Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake ($60 for whole cake) or their experimental Guinness Chocolate Cake ($7.80 per slice) that proved to be a delicious success!
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Love how soft and smooth the pandan custard is - melts in your mouth! Butterfly pea rice is soft and has a chewy texture to it. Rice is NOT clumpy at all! Amazing.

See more at @satisfyingbellies on instagram!

Yep I LOVE unique cakes like that and not the typical creamy cakes. Second time eating this kueh salat ($6) from chalk farm! Both aesthetically pleasing and delicious! The pandan kueh layer went so well with the blue pea rice! 😋😋 PSA: there is an ongoing GSS promotion at the parkway branch. All chiffon cakes are at 3 for $11 now (original price is $4.20 each)~ do check them out!

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After reading a review of Chalk Farm’s kueh salat, i couldn’t resist to stop by and bought their Kueh Salat. For those who don’t know Kueh Salat, it is a peranakan sweet snack/dessert with sticky rice as base and the classic one is with coconut pandan custard. Chalk Farm sells the classic Pandan, Gula Melaka version and Durian Kueh Salat with MSW durian. I tasted the Classic Kueh Salat, the pandan custard was so creamy melt in your mouth soft. But i have to specially mention their Gula Melaka Kueh Salat, the sticky rice is so soft with hint of black sticky rice flavour which is mixed in, and the gula melaka custard is to die for!


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