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Featuring Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre, Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry, Ji Xiang Confectionery 吉祥红龟果 (Everton Park), Chalk Farm (Paragon), Poh Cheu Hand Made Soon Kueh and Ang Ku Kueh, Geylang East Centre Market & Food Corner, Munchi Delights (Yishun Park Hawker), Traditional Haig Road Putu Piring (Haig Road Market), Lai Heng Teochew Handmade Kueh (Yuhua Market & Hawker), Yong's Teochew Kueh (Upper Serangoon)
Triffany Lim
Triffany Lim

Big and plump handmade soon kueh generously filled with bamboo shoots, turnip, carrot, black fungus and dried shrimp. The ratio of skin to filling was so good. The skin is thin, mochi-like, chewy, and stretchy. Their kuehs are freshly prepared on the same day by hand and available in limited batches while stock last 》$1.80 Each

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Delightfully chewy pandan-flavoured morsels with a molten gula melaka centre 》$1.90

Traditional Teochew kuehs which are handmade daily and always bursting with nicely seasoned fillings. The skin used on their kueh has a very thin and soft texture that breaks easily upon biting into it and they include dried shrimps in most of their kueh that makes it very fragrant and aromatic. The kueh is plump, stuffed with lots of fillings and they are also quite big in size if I am to compare them with a png kueh.

Glutinous Rice Kueh 》$1.60
Glutinous rice, dried shrimp and peanut

Yam Kueh 》$1.80
Shredded yam, glutinous rice, mushroom, peanut and dried shrimps

Soon Kueh 》$1.50
Crunchy grated turnips and dried shrimps

Cabbage Kueh 》$1.50
Bursting with lots of cabbage, mushroom and dried shrimp

Packed in waxed brown paper, the putu piring came with salted grated coconut tinged on the side 》$2.50 / 5pcs

The difference between kueh tutu and putu piring is the use of glutinous rice flour in the former whereas putu piring uses plain rice flour and putu piring is filled with gula melaka while kueh tutu commonly contains grated coconut / peanuts. The brown gula melaka is stuffed in the centre of the batter and melts during the steaming process. This results in a distinct fragrance of steamed rice with moisture and melts in the mouth texture when eaten hot.

It would be even better if these were prepared upon order. I was given a warm packet that was prepared beforehand hence the sugar has slightly solidified but it was still good and tasty.

The thick, chewy and fluffy traditional min jiang kueh is freshly prepared in batches that come hot with a combination of creamy peanut butter and ground peanuts. The creamy texture from the peanut butter added more texture to the crunchy peanuts. Just look at how the peanut butter oozes and sinks into the pancake. I'm already craving for more while typing this review 🤤 》$1.20


The queue to get in here is longer than you'd guess since they announce their closure. I managed to find some time on a weekday morning just to have a last taste of these freshly made in-house Nyonya kuehs and I’m glad the queue was just 15mins long. Due to high demand, there is an order limit of 2 boxes per pax for Kueh Dadar, Putu Ayu and Ondeh Ondeh.

Sadly they did not have Ondeh Ondeh during my visit but I still get my hands on their popular Putu Ayu along with Kueh Kosui, Pandan Tapioca, Lemper Udang and Kueh Salat 🤤 》$13.90

Putu Ayu is basically steamed pandan mini cake crowned with grated coconut. The top consists of white grated coconut with gula melaka while the bottom is the pandan cake steamed to an individual flower shape.

The texture of Kueh Kosui is perfect, chewy and not too soft or hard. Pandan tapioca comes with a nice fragrance of coconut with a texture firmer than the former. Lemper Udang has spicy shrimp in a glutinous rice roll filled with a coconut aroma. It has a good ratio of rice to spicy shrimp and it’s something more savoury compared to the other kinds of kueh. Last but not least, the custard layer made with eggs and coconut milk on Kueh Salat is soft, smooth, rich and goes very well with the firm bottom layer of glutinous rice with coconut milk.


I like that they use more yam and less flour so that it is not as starchy with more earthy flavours. The abacus seeds were accompanied by fried shallots, dried shrimps and mushrooms which were fragrant and goes well with the soft and chewy texture 》$2.50

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Back here again for their ang ku kueh that needs no introduction. Always love the soft and chewy mochi texture skin with generous portions of fillings.

Flavours that I chose this round are salted bean, red bean, peanut, green tea, yam and black sesame 》$1.30 Each

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Blueberry / Osmanthus Huat Kueh 》$1.40 Each

These steamed huat kueh are so soft, moist and chewy. Compared to those made for Chinese prayers, these are savouries that come in different flavours. The standard flavours they have are matcha, gula melaka, black sesame, osmanthus, sweet potato and strawberry milk with a few other flavours on rotation.

The flavours we got the other day were blueberry and osmanthus. The blueberry huat kueh is fragrant, lightly sweetened with a soft, moist and fluffy texture. Compared to the latter, I preferred this more as it brings out more flavour compared to the osmanthus which was much lighter in flavour.

Soft and supple steamed rice cake topped with generous servings of chye poh and chilli. It is very flavourful with a good balance of the chye poh and chwee kueh 》$2/4pcs

These shaped like tortoise shell kueh have emerged over the years from the traditional red one with peanut filling with now in various colours and fillings. The kuehs over here are hand-made freshly daily to maintain their freshness and texture. The ratio of skin to filling was good and I like how soft and chewy the skin was and it reminds me of mochi. Most of the fillings were moist without being too dry and sweet.

We ordered almost all the flavours except coconut which was sold out at the time of our visit. The flavours we tried were peanut, sweet bean, salted bean, corn and yam

Most of the flavours are priced at $1 each except for yam which cost $0.10 more than others.

It took us at least 1 hr from 8am on a weekend to get our hands to these pancakes! The pancakes feel like a combination of MJK and mochi that are soft on and inside with a dense and chewy mochi texture.

The peanut pancake is loaded with a generous amount of fragrant and freshly ground peanuts mixed with sugar. We also tried the black sesame/yam paste pancake and found the former to be too dry and grainy while the latter is smooth, creamy and not too sweet.

Peanut Pancake 》$0.80/pc
Yam Paste Pancake (round) 》$1.20
Black Sesame Pancake (round) 》$1.20

I'm in a relationship with food. Why can't we just declare our never ending love and vows towards some food item? I'm sure that would not result in divorces.

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