The queue to get in here is longer than you'd guess since they announce their closure. I managed to find some time on a weekday morning just to have a last taste of these freshly made in-house Nyonya kuehs and I’m glad the queue was just 15mins long. Due to high demand, there is an order limit of 2 boxes per pax for Kueh Dadar, Putu Ayu and Ondeh Ondeh.

Sadly they did not have Ondeh Ondeh during my visit but I still get my hands on their popular Putu Ayu along with Kueh Kosui, Pandan Tapioca, Lemper Udang and Kueh Salat 🤤 》$13.90

Putu Ayu is basically steamed pandan mini cake crowned with grated coconut. The top consists of white grated coconut with gula melaka while the bottom is the pandan cake steamed to an individual flower shape.

The texture of Kueh Kosui is perfect, chewy and not too soft or hard. Pandan tapioca comes with a nice fragrance of coconut with a texture firmer than the former. Lemper Udang has spicy shrimp in a glutinous rice roll filled with a coconut aroma. It has a good ratio of rice to spicy shrimp and it’s something more savoury compared to the other kinds of kueh. Last but not least, the custard layer made with eggs and coconut milk on Kueh Salat is soft, smooth, rich and goes very well with the firm bottom layer of glutinous rice with coconut milk.