Buta Kakuni

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The pic is like this cos my friend took 1 piece, there's a total of 3 pieces

Overhyped, and the price keeps hiking as well. Not to say it's not good, cos how bad can braised pork belly be, but it's not impressive. It's unique, as you can tell from the colour there's a lot of dark flavours, but the pork itself was still a bit stringy. Not too intense

Mark this 100AM hotspot down for a no-brainer weeknight dinner. Sit outside if the weather's good to kick back over a few beers and the Gyoza Croquette ($11). Save space for mains though, because a beautifully cooked Buta Kakuni ($14) with melt-in-the-mouth Iberico pork belly awaits โ€“ order a bowl of rice to go with this!
Photo by Burppler Kevin M

Soft simmered iberico pork belly served with soft boiled egg.

Super well seasoned and tender melt in your mouth braised pork belly, almost as though the meat texture has disintegrated into the gravy it was served with.

This is so tasty it can definitely stand on its own. Not quite sure how the onsen egg add value to this dish though. Was a little confused after I break the egg and mixed it with the sauce. But I really enjoyed the chunky pork belly! ๐Ÿ˜‹

Will definitely order this again!

Buta Kakuni: seriously mouth melting pork belly, stir in the mustard and mix the Onsen egg.
Bowl of rice will be the best partner.


Yums! It's always so difficult to find fat pork in Singapore Hawker fare :o... Such torture

My tastebuds and tummy is satisfied with this dish..thought the sauce will be extremely salty but to my delight it was a perfect blend of salty and sweet

Will definitely be back for more

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Slow braised, incredibly tender Iberico pork belly, fatty and savoury. Mix the wobbly onsen egg in to create a silky smooth texture. Decadent!


Don't miss this slow simmered Iberico pork belly if you're here!
You've tasted good buta kakuni, whereby long hours of slow simmering renders the fats in the meat so that the flesh breaks up effortlessly, while the fats simply melts away. Now imagine all that, but with Iberico pork. Simply luscious!
Not overly seasoned, no mustard is necessary but you may add that for an extra kick. Served with a perfectly cooked onsen egg as pictured.

Located conveniently in 100AM at Tanjong Pagar, this is just the spot for comforting food after a long day. Sit outside if the weather is cool. Start by ordering a beer while you munch on the crispy, salty Bonjiri or chicken tail skewer ($4), then order the satisfying Gyoza Croquette ($9), where the meaty fillings of a gyoza are rolled into balls, breaded and deep fried. Then, dig into the sultry Buta Kakuni ($14) featuring sinfully tender Iberico pork belly slow-simmered in mirin, soy and sugar, complete with a wobbly egg on the side. This dish begs for a bowl of rice. Come by with a small group of friends or for a fuss-free date, this could fast become your no-brainer choice for week night dinners!
Avg Price: $40 per person with drinks
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Oh man this is sooo sinful, so good! Super savory, and I can't imagine not sharing this between 2-3. A must order if you love your pork. When the yolk of the wobbly egg mixes into that sauce...