Jap Everyday! Let's Go

Jap Everyday! Let's Go

The only cuisine I can have everyday without getting sick of!
Victoria Hii
Victoria Hii

Went straight for the dishes I love and did not try anything new this visit😁

Enjoyed the great selection of oden, really reminds me of the family marts in Japan! Picked a few. Especially love the Hanpen (fish cake) and cabbage rolled pork. You can pick your own or leave it to the chef with the omakase options!

Cabbage with red miso has always been a staple, love it for the very intense punchy miso dip which goes really well with the crunchy cabbage!

You can never go wrong with the buta kakuni, a delicious slow simmered pork belly in the secret deep soy marinade. Break the soft boiled egg and have it together with the tender melt in mouth pork!

Love the Negi okonomiyaki (savory pancake) with welsh onion. Very good for sharing and being serving its purpose as the carb dish!

After countless visits, my must order skewer has always been the chicken thigh (momo) and the chicken liver (Reba). I’ve never had a better grilled liver thus far!

Last but not least, another must order for me would be the “Kuro Mayo” Tsukune which taste a lot better than it looks! They are homemade grilled chicken balls coated with squid ink mayonnaise. Really good!!


Great value set lunch! One of my fav sushi rice


Premium Omakase comprises:
2 appetizers
1 vegetable
9 sushi + oyster
1 handroll
Mini uni Rice bowl
Soup of the day

The restaurant started out with 20 courses for the premium Omakase but they have now cut down to 16 course (maintained at the same price). Menu has not been updated on chope or the restaurant website. Felt a little misinformed upon finding out when I arrived. They used to include 3 sashimi and 10 sushi instead of 9 now. Proceeded with dinner nevertheless. Overall, was not too impressed.

The appetizers were onsen egg and seasoned scallops, followed by spinach for the vegetable. Didn’t feel like these items can be classified as premium. Some hits and misses for the sushis too. For this price point I must say I’ve had better and this experience was just disappointing to say the least.

The restaurant is cosy and can only accommodate about 20 max. Perhaps better to come for lunch where you can get decent Chirashi dons!

The 9 sushi:
1. Flounder edge
2. Squid
3. Flounder
4. Yellow tail
5. Scallop
6. Hiroshima oyster with yuzu jelly and ponzu sauce
7. Shima aji
8. Aka ebi
9. Golden eye snapper
10. Tuna with yuzu zest (Akami)

Handroll - unagi

The uni Rice bowl is pretty good with uni blended into the rice then topped with fresh uni.

Soup of the day: Miso soup (not pictured)

Desert: scoop of sesame ice cream in a cone


Beautifully plated high quality bowl of Chirashi that comes with a small bowl of udon, chawannhshi and miso soup!

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Value for money bowl with sliced Chuturo, Salmon, Unagi, Amaebi, Hokkaido Scallops and Swordfish on top of a bed of Japanese sushi rice! Set comes with miso soup & watermelon :)


The noodles were springy and chewy! Tossed in soya sauce with shredded egg, pork belly slices, tomato, seaweed & leek. Very refreshing dish to beat the heat! No wonder this cold soba is more commonly found on summer menu in Okinawa!

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Very refreshing, Iove the sourish broth the seaweed is soaked in. Perfect as a palate cleanser!

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One of the dishes we ate everyday when we were in Okinawa - Goya Champuru 😅 this is a stir fry dish with bitter melon, tofu, egg, and pork belly. Quite an iconic Okinawan dish, this staple is typically savored with steamed rice and miso soup by the Okinawans.


Very tender pork rib with soft bones that literally disintegrates in your mouth. Slightly under seasoned but the meat is still good!


Ordered with no expectations but this turned out to be our favorite! Very flavorful and I really like the texture of the stir fried somen. In mainland Japan, people eat somen noodles with a dipping sauce but in Okinawa, it’s more common to make fried noodles or put them in a soup.

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This classic Okinawan noodle soup comes with chewy noodles soaked in pork and sadhu broth and comes with tender stewed pork belly, slices of fish cake, chopped green onion, and red pickled ginger. I found this to be rather authentic compared to the ones I’ve had in Okinawa. My only complain would be the slightly overcooked noodles.

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Always counting down to the next meal 😋

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