Rosti Mentai

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Enjoyed an evening at Shukuu Izakaya with a friend. Very extensive menu with mostly small bites.

Highly recommend the rosti mentai and shukuu tamago nigirii. Rosti mentai is really good and the mentai is not too overpowering. Would come back just for the rosti mentai. Had the negitoro don too. It's pretty good but portion is on the smaller side.

Enjoyed the dining experience at ShuKuu Japanese Izakaya! Food choices are plenty, and their ambience is lively as well. Tried the rosti mentai and iwashi mentai which both come with an abundance of mentai sauce. The rosti is fried to perfection coated with the mentai sauce that embedded a harmony of sweet and sour taste. The sweetness for the tamago nigiri is just nice as well. Will definitely recommend 10/10!

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ordered the 2 pax set and everything was so delicious! best part of the set was the sake which topped off the meal perfectly 😊 we also added their mentaiko rosti which was so surprisingly addictive we got a second portion. overall loved the ambience and food, would definitely be back again!

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This is our favourite. Crispy chips with honey brings out the flavour of the cheese with a sweet note.

Interesting Mentaiko rosti (potato).

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I wasn't expecting this as a Rosti but it was surprisingly good! For those who likes potato dishes, I think you can try this - but if you're not a fan of carbs or potatoes, then maybe try the other dishes like the pork jowl!

We realised lots of people in other tables ordered this, so we decided to try it as well and totally amazed with it!

A Swiss-style potato shreds with mentaiko. I super love the texture and of course the mentaiko sauce.

Being a huge fan of both mentaiko and rosti, the Mentai Rosti was what made me so excited to give this place a try since this dish was pretty highly-raved online. It is priced at $9 which is pretty affordable for 2 pax to share, and it came with the right amount of mentaiko sauce. I would say that the rosti is not really swiss-style like they mentioned since you could easily pick up the potato shreds with your chopsticks, but nonetheless the rosti was great (and we even wanted to order another serving!)

Ordered the Deep-fried Tofu in Dashi Gravy, Rosti Mentai and Buta Shogayaki Don, thoroughly enjoyed all 3 dishes! The tofu was topped with bonito flakes and seaweed, which complemented the flavourful and light dashi well. The Rosti Mentai was my favourite out of the 3, with generous mentaiko sauce torched to perfection enabling the smokey flavour to really come through - definitely a must-try for mentaiko lovers! Although the Buta Shogayaki Don is listed as a mini don, the restaurant served a generous portion of pork which had a great balance of sweet and savoury flavours.

Special mention to the ambience in the cosy space, which elevated the dining experience together with the impressive menu design.

Ordered a few dishes to sample the menu. The mentaiko rosti and sake cooked oysters were quite memorable with their flavours. Will definitely come back!

Swiss-style potato shreds with mentaiko. I liked how the potato shreds were not soggy but crunchy and yet soft at the same time. It was also of good length β€” which made me feel like I was eating potato noodles!! The mentai cream was heavenly!! It was smooth and slightly salty, I only wish that the mentai could bring out the spice in the chilli pepppers slightly more. Nonetheless, the mentai sauce and the potato shreds came together very well as a savoury small hotplate. A warm comforting carb-loaded dish that I will recommend to share as it gives your more tummy space to order other small bites!