Strawberry Lemon

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Specifically strawberry lemon and chocolate mint 😛Deal was made sweeter with a 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond

Lemon curd with strawberry jam and torched meringue.

At 17 haji lane to be precise. We headed there today because there is an ongoing $5.30/slice promo (original price $7-$8/slice) for the month of August! ($53/whole tart on promo too).
tried out the pumpkin and pecan tart this time round. The bottom layer seems to be made of gula melaka! And the layers taste more like jelly kueh rather than thick pumpkin puree, which was good!
I have been eating the strawberry lemon tart for the past two times I have been there - once at the Horne road outlet and the 2nd time at the Thomson road outlet. #burpple #burpplesg #windowsillpies

Made a first visit to the Upper Thomson outlet of Windowsill Pies; I love them and their pies, but this time something about the ones I ordered and shared felt less spectacular than those from previous visits at Haji Lane and the now defunct Jalan Besar branch.

Personally picked the Banana Cognac ($7) and I really enjoyed the filling itself, although the weak link belonged to the flaky pie base that lacked thickness; the tip of the pie seemed to lack any crust up till the first-third of it, so I was only having the filling till that point.

I deduced that perhaps the different pie variations use different bases (thus the flaky or crumbly textures; was unaware previously), and my favourites are still the Sparkling Yuzu and Strawberry and Lemon pies, which I'll surely return for next time!

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A DAMN good slice of SLP. 🤤

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I’m so glad windowsill exists in Singapore because its so hard to find quality pies in Singapore.
From the gorgeous mint green pie clockwise you have the:
Strawberry Lemon
Pumpkin Pecan
Rum and apple (2 slices just cause its christmas)
Morello Cherry
Coconut Lime Vodka
Banana Cognac
and Camp Symmetry
My top 3 were the Camp Symmetry with its white chocolate ganache, topped with white truffle infused cookie streusel and candied thyme, the Banana Cognac where the banana parfait, almond brittle and cognac cream were insanely good and their Morello Cherry which was really really shiok and incidentally their signature.
Their pies are about $60+ for 10 slices or $70 for an assortment. Expensive? Relatively, but ITS CHRISTMAS GUYS!!! *note this was a takeaway, I'm sure they serve it in a nice plate and stuff

Left: Strawberry Lemon ($7.50) Right: White Chocolate Truffle ($7.50). The white choc pie was super good! It's my favorite pie as of now. The strawberry lemon was refreshing but it was too sour on that day that I went as compared to the previous time when I had it.

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