Poached Eggs With Smashed Avocado on Sourdough

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Love the ambience here, very chill and quiant 🍃. Food taste average and their menu is on the pricier side for their small portions. Worth a visit though!

Ordered the earl grey pancake and the eggs on avocado toast. The pancakes were light and fluffy with very pronounced earl grey flavour but slightly dry. The chocolate coated pear was just the cherry on top!!! Avocado toast was chefs kiss!!!

The blend of nature and modern theme of the cafe felt as though I was transported out of Singapore. Despite the rather limited menu, I enjoyed the simple well-made breakfast items. We tried the Poached Eggs with Avocado ($15), Weekender Eggs ($19) and Latte ($5). There is nothing innovative on their menu but somehow the simplicity of these breakfast items gave a good touch of comfort to my Sunday.

Will definitely visit this cafe again and make a reservation for a seat at their outdoor area where it is probably less noisy.

Rating: 7.5 / 10

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chicken burger ($19++) - nth special
poached egg avocado ($15++) add smoked salmon ($6++) - rly generous avocado and smoked salmon serving. avocado tasted quite light. worth the price? maybe not.
grilled cheese sandwich w tomato soup ($12++) - best dish among the three! rly hearty portion and taste.

expect to pay around $20+ per person (without drinks)

The scrambled eggs were so creamy and soft that they were literally sliding off the hot buttered toast. I highly recommend adding on the portobello mushroom, which was well-seasoned and had a delightful earthy flavour that went well with the lightly-seasoned eggs. And well, avocado is always good.


Ordered the poached eggs with avocado ($15) and grilled cheese toast ($11).

The toast on itself was pretty meh, kind of something you can recreate at home. It was the tomato soup that really helped to elevate the dish.

Poached eggs & avocado was also alright. Not the best but it passes.

(Would wanna come back here and try the earl grey pancakes)

Furthermore, craving for Ronin’s Scrambled Eggs on Toast ($13) after hearing about their closure at the end of January, I just had to make my way down to PUNCH. Signature creamy folds with crusty bread and upgraded with various add-ons; it was truly a breakfast for champions and as good as I remembered them to be. The zing from the heap of Smashed Avocado ($5), savouriness from the juicy Pork Sausage ($5), the earthiness of the Portobello Mushroom ($4) was just the extra oomph I need.

A great tip is to make a reservation through their Facebook page at least a day in advance. Though reservations are taken up to 11am only on Weekends and Public Holidays, strictly walk-in basis after; you save yourself a good deal of time when met with a crazy breakfast crowd.


Weekender eggs: Poached eggs with smoked salmon, ikura & hollandaise on toasted brioche ($19). We really enjoyed this dish! The poached eggs were perfectly done, and the hollandaise was thick and flavourful. The thin apple slices were a nice touch to give a fresh tangy flavour as well! I’d definitely recommend this, along with the earl grey pancakes and the smashed avocado.

Poached Eggs with Melted Cheese & Vegemite on Sourdough Toast, served with Sliced Avocado
吃open sandwich style的brunch,最看重的就是面包了,他家的sourdough烤的有点过了,以至于冷掉之后的面包变的硬而粘黏,就好像在微波炉里热了两分钟的隔夜馒头。配的牛油果是现切的,入口还有冰凉的新鲜感,配的蛋和芝士很搭,咸淡适宜,烤柠檬给整体加入了一点酸度,很开胃。