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Summer He
Summer He

For the uninitiated, Elixir Boutique Roasters shares the same shop space as Fat Belly. It’s their way of experimenting with a daytime menu. Nestled away at Serene Centre, the cafe is only a stone’s throw away from public transport (Botanic Gardens MRT station)

My partner and I settled on the “Wagyu Beef Cheek Rendang” and “Truffle Eggs Prosciutto”.

The meat in their “Wagyu Beef Cheek Rendang” was soft and tender. My knife cut through it without so much of a resistance. The fragrant sauce was consistent but not cloying. Paired with blue pea rice, rice crackers and some vegetables, it made for a hearty and well-rounded (not to mention, visually appealing) dish.

The “Truffle Eggs Prosciutto” featured aromatic scrambled eggs atop a fluffy and thick brioche toast. Parma ham and shaved truffle are also thrown into the mix, further enhancing the already great dish. Every mouthful brought flavour and delight to the pair of us.

I’ve heard only good things about their French toasts from my sweet-toothed friends and I’m already looking forward to my next visit. So if you’re looking for your next brunch place, look no further than Elixir Boutique Roasters.


first time eating this dish on ice and sorry, i’m not sold. waited for a while before eating the pork so that the sauce around the pork would be chilled. however, when i took a bite, the pork was cold and hot at the same time. not a pleasant combination of temperature for me. observed that even if i want to spread the ice evenly, there was just not enough ice. the ice was definitely a miss for me even tho it scored 💯 for presentation.

the sweet and sour pork tasted decent, with just the right amount of tomato sauce. but nothing exceptional abt the dish. would also have preferred the fruits to be stir fried along with the pork like putien’s.

order when you feel like paying $24.80++ for sweet and sour pork or simply because you can. if not, just order other dishes!

truffle fries is a MUST order!! truffle oil was rly evenly spread and fries are prepared upon ordering! for the price, serving is rly generous!
ordered rare for my beef steak don as i was prepared to receive medium cooked steak (true enough, my partner ordered medium and got well done). decent tasting don if i were to treat this as a medium steak don. sauce was alright, but nothing that screams, “i must come back”.

best matcha latte in SG that brings starbucks matcha latte to shame.
we tried the iced hana matcha ($13.80++) and hot yuki matcha ($5.80++)

tbh, i don’t rly taste much difference between the two despite the vast difference in price.
for both, matcha was thick, aromatic and rly smooth. was slightly skeptical abt replacing milk with oat milk. however, boy i was wrong. hvala uses barista edition Oatly oat milk, making the latte extremely creamy! after trying the oat latte once, i was immediately sold and became an oat latte convert. i was so hooked by this combi i needed to have this drink weekly (ordered yuki matcha subsequently).

hvala truly serves the best matcha and it’s the ONLY place i’ll go to for matcha beverages as i know, satisfaction will always be guaranteed.

truffle taste was strong and ikura provided a wholesome flavour. for the price, the cafe was quite generous w the uni (abt 4 - 5 pieces of small uni). however, uni was not as fresh as restaurant’s grade. nonetheless, dish was decent!
also, do take note that cafe does not sells dazzling toasts anymore!

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sorry, am i missing smth? cheese taste was rly mild and i could only taste condense milk for some reason. not a hit for me despite strong raves abt this dessert.

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chicken burger ($19++) - nth special
poached egg avocado ($15++) add smoked salmon ($6++) - rly generous avocado and smoked salmon serving. avocado tasted quite light. worth the price? maybe not.
grilled cheese sandwich w tomato soup ($12++) - best dish among the three! rly hearty portion and taste.

expect to pay around $20+ per person (without drinks)

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