Fried Mee Sua Kueh

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Another unique dim sum dish from Swee Choon which combines carrot cake with Mee sua, which is subsequently deep-fried! This is our must-try dish everytime we visit Swee Choon, as we love the crispy exterior and the Mee sua filling. However, the dish fills your tummy up really quickly (just imagine that as a bowl of mee sua), so it would be great if you have fellow diners to share this dish with.

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Cooked items include:
* Liu Sha bao
* Har Gao
* Siew Mai
* Chili Oil Dumpling
* Beancurd Prawn Roll
* Egg Tart
* Chee Cheong Fun
* Carrot Cake
*Lime Juice
*Water Chestnut
2 Frozen Dim Sum:
*Mee Suah Kueh
*Tofu Bomb

For place an order, can visit the link of their page or

📍Swee Choon Tim Sum.
191 Jalan Besar.


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The popular late-night dim sum supper spot, Swee Choon, is offering a $50 (U.P. $62) WFH Survival Meal Package that feeds up to 3 pax, with late night delivery available till 12:30am daily. The meal package comes with eight of the restaurant’s signature cooked items, two beverages and two selected frozen dim sum packs that you can prepare in a few easy steps. If you have been a regular to Swee Choon, you will be able to identify their classics that are in this bundle such as the liu sa bao, har gao, siew mai, chilli oil dumplings, beancurd prawn roll, egg tart, chee cheong fun and carrot cake. For the frozen dim sum, you will be given have a selection to choose from such as the Swee Choon’s iconic mee suah kueh, peking dumpling, pan fried pork dumpling and many more. Head over to the Oddle link below to start ordering now.

For all those staying in the East, l would like to share an open secret that Swee Choon will be opening an outlet in Century Square in July!
✨ Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant
📍 183-191 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208882
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Don’t expect much, food is pretty average. Some good items and misses here. Mee suah kueh is their specialty its worth a try for a first

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Being the signature here, definitely a must order to try! While I was biting into it I could really feel the strands of mee sua, not something I would eat continuously because the chili there to go with it I feel can be better and I would prefer not to have it if there’s no condiments

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💵: $2.40

🤔: Not my first time having this but it was my friends', and they enjoyed it too
P.S: edges are the best part!

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You win sum,you lose sum, then you dimsum on this raining Sunday!! 🌧🌧🌧☔☔☔Happy tummy with good food and good company.

Looking for hot 🔥🔥steaming dim sum on this raining brunch? Yes, I am a fan of dim sum & thought would show you some of my fave.😉😉😉 What would you go first?

🌟Yam Fritter-Mashed yam, filled with minced pork and shrimps and deep fried till golden brown.

🌟Chilli Crab Mee Suah Kueh🦀- Vermicelli cooked with shrimps and Chinese sausage, deep fried until golden brown is generously drizzled with in-house Chilli Crab sauce and chunks of crab meat.✔

🌟Fried Chilli Crab Lava Bun🦀- Mantou-like crispy bun with a fluffy interior. BIte into it and flavourful chunky chilli crab sauce oozes out✔

🌟Rice Roll with 🦐- Steamed shrimp wrapped in a rice noodle sheet with special soy sauce.

🌟Fried Golden Doufu with Pork Floss- Beancurd deep fried to golden brown topped with savoury pork floss✔

🌟Shanghai Xiao Long Bao🐖 -Steamed dumplings filled with pork and rich broth. Best savoured with vinegar and ginger.

🌟Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun🥚- Steamed soft bun golden molten lava with salted egg yolk filling.

🌟Baked Bbq Pork Pastry🐖 -Baked barbeque pork wrapped in buttery and flaky pastry with sprinkler of sesame seeds on top.

🌟Har Kaw🦐-Dumpling filled with fresh succulent shrimp.✔

Love that local twist of local chilli crab theme. Definitely a must to try.Their fried stuff is really crunchy which crackles upon biting it.On the others hand, the steam stuff are meaty, chunky and filling.
Bad side, I prefer the food to be serve piping hot.😣😣😣

A pot of your pu er tea🍵🍵 to cleanse all you those greasy calories if you order many stuff items.

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💵: $-

🤔: Went back to Swee Choon since dining in is now allowed woop woop and I got my ultimate favourite - shrimp beancurd roll oOoooOOoO still as good as ever <3 tried my first ever JJM and it was really good too and the mee suah kueh which I only had 1 piece of because I was VVV full liao :< but overall SC was still as good as I remember, and service was ZOOM ZOOM v fast

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Ordered the signature afternoon tea set ($55)! It’s better value for money than ordering alacarte, although I wouldn’t typically have chosen some of the items included. It comprises savoury items like mee suah kueh, siew mai, chee cheong fan and beancurd roll; as well as sweet items like liu shao bao, egg tart, sweet potato ball and red bean pancake - among many others! The set is quite extensive and good for 4 small eaters. However, I’ll be upfront and say that this is better left til restrictions are lifted and dining-in resumes - some items were greasy and soggy in a way that not even reheating could salvage, which is a real pity.

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Enjoy $5.00 off when you use a One Time Promo Code 'DIMSUM5' on your purchase (min spend of $50)
Visit for more info
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