Wagyu Beef Rump Cap & Iberico Pork Cheeks Combo Bento

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Cost 17.10.

Second time trying the same restaurant. The wagyu beef is a disappointment today. Not juicy and the side was quite burned.

The pork cheek was ok but it was not as melth in the mouth as last time.

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Rice is meh. Wagyu is pretty good. Pork cheeks are STUNNING. Gawd they instantly burst into umami-ness and melt in my mouth.

I’ll be back for more if there’s improvement on their rice.

Ordered the Wagyu and Pork Cheeks Combo ($16) and Signature Short Rib ($6/skewer). The pork was outstanding- incredibly tender and beautifully charred and smokey on the surface, balanced by a subtle brightness from the vinegar it was prepared with. The wagyu was well-cooked and had decent flavour, but lacked marbling and the melt-in-your-mouth texture of higher grade wagyu. The short rib had the same intense char as the pork and a great crust in some places, while still being extremely moist and tender inside. Everything was well-seasoned and flavourful. Would return for the pork cheeks and short ribs! No photos as it's my first Burpple review and I was only inspired to post by how good the pork cheeks were :)


🤗 the Wagyu was nicely marinated while the crusty exteriors of the pork cheek was a delight to bite into. The only downside to this dish for me personally is the slightly excessive amount of sauce lathered all over the meat itself.. 👾
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Wagyu had a nice flavour from the fats and was quite nicely blackened, however the meat was slightly chewy while the fats were soft. On the other hand, the pork cheeks were utterly stunning, with a crispy, incredibly smoky surface and super tender inside. Quite liked the creamy, slightly sweet sauce drizzled over but not the minced pickled ginger which tasted a little weird here even if it did serve the purpose of cleaning your palate

[Bedok] @theburningoaksg Juicy, well-seasoned slices of seared beef, minced beef with earthy undertones of truffle oil, and an onsen egg with its runny yolk caressed ever-so gently by the soft whites-the Truffle Wagyu Bowl ($16) is a must-get. The Foie Gras and Wagyu Bowl ($22) had delicately seared foie gras which was rich and buttery, absolute decadence with the wagyu beef. The Combo ($16) sees Wagyu accompanied by pieces of nicely charred Iberico Pork Cheek, tender and flavourful from its soy marinade. Bang for your buck in Bedok.

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$16 for this combo bento. Smoky meats, so tender that it almost melts in the mouth. Onsen egg hiding on rice is the awesome surprise that really combines all flavours together. Served with a bowl of Miso soup.


[The Burning Oak]
[Bedok Market Place]
Tasted this bowl of Wagyu Rump Cap & Iberico Pork Cheeks Don ($16) from [The Burning Oak]! Includes wagyu beef slices which are perfectly tender and juicy, Pork Cheeks are filled with fats with a half layer of meat that disintegrates upon biting it! Onsen Egg breaks upon scooping it, then mixing it with the sauce given on the pearl looking soft rice!
Taste: 3.5/5✡
Love the food here!


The beef was really tender and the pork had just enough fats to melt in your mouth! Served with an onsen egg at the bottom of the bowl with their perfectly concocted sauce, it was a very good match! 😋

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Delicious and tender pork cheeks and wagyu beef ramp cap rice don!