Atas Hawker

Atas Hawker

Food thats supposed to be in a hawker or is in a hawker but priced above normal
The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

The flavours were authentic but there's one problem: the interestines are not cleaned properly

Could have been very decent, now it's just edible

Ridiculously spicy, plus the duck pieces were very bony. It's also too dry

This is really delicious when you put everything in a stew, the flavours come through well. Just ask for less spicy and takeaway and make a stew w it at home, if you must

Complimentary with purchase of 2 pots

Quite light but very oily, not too impressive

All of the meats were cooked to a slight chew, which is probably high quality kampong chicken for both the chicken wing and ayam buah keluak.

They're quite mild in flavour and rather sweet, with passable spices. Not authentic but it's not a surprise why they're a hit w the office crowd

The spicy pork was pretty hot

Service is super slow though, and queue moves very slowly during lunch, be prepared to queue


Chose bu Jian Tian char siew and siew yoke.

Egg was done well, chili was standard. BJT char siew was stellar, super gelatinous from the fats, flavourful, and tender. Not greasy though. What stands out is their sexy sweet glaze with supreme smokiness. It's not greasy but the ends were too fatty for me

Siew yoke was utterly magnificent as well. On the lean side, about 80% meat but it's got a good bite and was reasonably tender, very unexpected for such a leanness. They say their pork is very high quality and that's why their skin is so good, but I really doubt it's only because of the quality of the pork. Why's that? Their skin is shatteringly crisp like suckling pig, as well as paper thin. Quite unlike anything I've had. The roasted pork flavour was strong too

Both were of excellent quality, must try at this price

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Recommended by someone, it's got an eggy taste from the wisp which might be up some people's alley, can't tell if it's beancurd or egg white but it's still very obvious.

However since it's hot in the morning if you get it cold the ice melts damn quickly so drink fast and ask for less ice

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I really appreciate a dessert that's healthy and complementary. Plus it's nice cos there's a bit of citrus


Siew yoke was quite high quality, skin wasn't too crispy anymore though as it was abit cold. Char siu was also at about half the power of the msia original branch, it's got the very unique almost candy like chewiness but there wasn't enough meatiness and char

Overall at this standard it's not bad but not worth travelling for, even if you haven't tried the original branch which is much much better


The chicken was tasteless but it's got a jelly skin. The sauce which was strong from sesame oil and sweet went well with the chicken.

Everything else is above average, although with this price that's what you would expect. The portion wasn't particularly generous either, so I don't think there's a need to travel all the way here for this


The minced pork was of superb quality. It's intensely marinated and has a good balance of sweet and salty. It also had a good bite. Noodles were on the softer side which I didn't mind. Egg was perfect

Their chili packed quite a lot of heat and it's really lipsmacking. It's hard to describe what makes it so good but ofc there's umami and spice but neither seem to be the key.

Soup is nice and light, they also have the tough veggie that's very characteristic of such a chili pan mee place. The leaves aren't good on its own but it adds a nice aroma to the broth

Overall very addictive and portion is slightly small so you will finish quickly and allow the people queueing to come in lol(surprisingly the queue is actl ok at 1230pm, just 5 ppl in front of us)

Tender and most pieces were of great texture, but can't rlly taste the fermented beancurd. Expected given it's at orchard but still abit disappointing

It's just a normal savoury braised pork trotter

Portion is generous tho

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Can tell it's earl grey

Just wanted to talk about their excellent service, we had a bit of a situation and they were really nice about it, even offering a drink on the house.

Thank you very much

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Would travel for food

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