Honey Tequila Wings

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Short rib taco was amazing! Honey tequila wings were good! Baja fish taco was nice but quite meh. Service was poor though... I’m not sure if I’ll return.

Honey Tequila Wings w sourcream sauce ($19)

Came here w different groups of friends and all of them love it! Came w some fried jalapeño which is sooo addictive 😍

honey tequila wings ($19) - star of the night🌟 The only side dish we ordered but our favourite out of everything!

Sauce is sweet and the wings came in hot and crispy on the outside yUM! there were a total of 8 pieces for ours, 4 drumlets 4 wings.

The blue cheese truffle sauce was pretty okay but for ppl who don't rlly do cheese (like me), just having the wings itself is good too

Rating: 7.5/10

Verdict: good to try if you have burpple promo but otherwise for 8 wings I'd say it's on the pricier side

This is my favourite dish here, the honey tequila wings. They’re crispy and both sweet and spicy in flavour too!

Coated in their sweet & spicy honey tequila sauce, served with blue cheese dipping sauce. The skin was really crispy and juicy inside.

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These wings are served with deep-fried masa-battered jalapeños, cilantro & blue cheese dipping sauce.
The combination of the juicy and well-marinated wings and the dip definitely drew us in and I guess we will be going back for more! 🙊 .

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Fried chicken wings & drumlets coated with honey tequila sauce, with blue cheese truffle dip. The dip complemented the wings well but personally I'm not a fan of blue cheese so I had most of the drumlets without it. If you're a spicy lover then I'd definitely recommend getting this for a spicy kick fix !

I've seen so many people profess over and over their love for tacos (to the extent of marrying one?!), but I never did understood their innate love for it because I've never tried Mexican food. But last Friday I finally had my first taste of it at Vatos, and probably because it's Korean-Mexican fusion food I fell absolutely head over heels with it!

I ordered: Spicy Chicken Quesadilla...
that's wrapped with spicy chicken chunks & topped with sour cream, arbol chili sauce & diced onions. It was such a delight to have, since all the ingredients blend and compliment each other so perfectly!

Vanessa ordered: Chimichurri Chicken Taco...
that consist of spicy chicken, Mexican cheese, lettuce, onion, chimichurri salsa and sour cream served on 100% corn tortilla. I had one and it was pretty good; it tastes much healthier than mine since the ratio of meat to veg in the tacos was probably 2:1? Hit my week's quota of veg intake after that! :)

Side order: Honey Tequila Chicken Wings...
Wings coated in sweet & spicy honey tequila sauce, served with deep-fried masa-battered jalapeños, cilantro & blue cheese dipping sauce. Yup! The blue cheese dip caught our attention and it was practically a must-order-and-try for us. The wings were superb by itself; really well-marinated and it though drenched with sauce the skin's still very crispy while the meat inside retained it's freshness and juiciness to it. The blue cheese dip wasn't too bad since there wasn't the pungent smell that I recalled of it having, but I'd prefer to eat the wings without the dip.

Must-mention: their Iced Peach Tea
Maybe it's because the weather outside was scorching hot, but boy did I regret not getting the large glass because it tastes really good! Just order that and tried it if you do visit them to know!