Good ambience

Good ambience

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Rowena Cheng
Rowena Cheng

Chanced upon this promotion going on in the restaurant - yummeyyyy

Choices include: chocolate, Yuzu (both in pic), passionfruit, blueberry, original, matcha green tea. (I may have missed out 1 or 2).

The cheesecake tasted light to the palette. The Yuzu had a refreshing flavour to it; while the chocolate one just tasted like a chocolate cake with mild cream cheese in it.

Served freshly made to the table, they served 3 pieces of nicely battered dory fillet in a basket, atop a bunch of ready-made fries. Soft to the bite, crunchy outer, and most importantly, served hot. On the downside, it was slightly too oily.

Ribs were served room temperature to the table, with unsatisfying barbecue sauce over it. But no doubt the pork ribs were well-marinated and was tender to the bone.

I opted to change to sweet potato fries for a slightly healthier variation, but didn't know it would cost me another $2.50. Well, they tasted not bad; normal.

Large chunks of lightly marinated salmon cubes canopied the chewy, sweet Japanese rice. A simple yet exquisite dish favoured by many. The shiok-ness of putting one salmon chunk with half a spoonful of Japanese rice into your mouth at once - that texture, keeps me wanting more. (Even though I had the large bowl).

Probably the only one on the menu without eggs ):

Chunks of mushrooms and mozzarella cheese atop a slice of sourdough bread, served with chopped greens. Thought this dish could have been done better though.

Crisply fried rosti beneath a thick slab of salmon (choose from medium-well to well done) topped with a generous doze of hollandaise sauce. Not a big fan of hollandaise sauce but this was palatable and complemented the entire dish well. 2 roasted tomatoes and 3 baked asparagus neutralised the dish - they were slightly marinated with salt, pepper and some butter for taste.

Cubes of potatoes freshly baked to texture, the entire slice of baked omelette was chunky and flavoured well. Slightly pricey for a simple dish, but it's something simple that would not go wrong on the menu.


It was a long wait; but was sort of worth the wait.

Flavourful Spanish fried rice (not paella) topped with crunchy juicy prawns and chorizo sausage chunks and a sunny side up. The ingredients in the fried rice included a few slices of garlic pieces, onions, mini peas, mini chicken chunks. Definitely had me going spoonfuls after spoonfuls even though I was already quite filled from waiting for this pan to be served.

Served with mashed potatoes, cuts of yellow melon/cucumber cubes and broccoli, topped with a tomato, the chicken thigh was well-marinated and glazed with vinaigrette-based sauce. The chicken thigh was slightly dry and less fresh; it tasted like breast meat somehow, probably overcooked.

Good ambience with nice background music but not good food. ):


Small serving but tasted great while it lasted. It wasn't overly creamy nor gelat, but there were more chicken cubes than smoked duck slices, which was slightly disappointing. The spaghetti was well-cooked to al-dente. While food was alright, I felt that the quality did not meet its pricing.

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An atas Kopitiam-looking place; or a localised bar, I would call it. Really chill vibes suitable for groups - to hang out with colleagues after work or hang out with friends to have a drink, and a wide range of food choices so you don't have to get stuck with bar bites.

The half baby chicken here caught me by surprise. It was well baked and seasoned to a perfect ratio. Fresh salad drizzled in mild vinaigrette coupled with mashed potatoes formed the sides. Perfect cos I didn't want to have rice or noodles for dinner.


Newly furnished OUE building in Shenton Way opens up many restaurants offering yummy food!

The pasta was a tad too soft; but the truffle cream sauce was really good!! Personally I'm not a cream sauce pasta person but I actually finished the cream :p The proportion of mushrooms to cream to pasta was just right too.

My friend had the grilled ham and cheese sandwich and it was really yummy too! It came with a salad and freshly-made fries which is evidently housemade.

We came with the eatigo 50% discount on a Sunday evening. Would definitely come back again!


Other than eating, it's me being hungry.

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