Pancakes (Wild Blueberries)

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Every table had this so we had to get it as well and it didn’t disappoint!!! The pancakes were abit dry but the flavour was really good (yknow how some pancakes just taste like flour) The blueberry compote was sweet and tangy to the right extent so it really whets your appetite. Paired it with the warm maple butter and it was so good…. The serving is really huge! So I’ll recommend 2-3 girls to share it. Or even 4 girls if you guys ordered many other dishes to try. 10/10!!!

Blueberry pancakes, I missed you 😭 Am always apprehensive about going out but I haven’t had these pancakes in what feels like a year!! Gotta come back for a stack of the chocolate raspberry pancakes when they return. Also, really wish a lactose-free version of these blueberry pancakes existed, for my body was not blessed with buttermilk loving genes (don’t you just hate when you don’t inherit the superior genetics that are in your bloodline?! Groan) 🥞🫐 I hope @clintonst_sg can accede to my request to one day make delicious dairy-free pancakes, or maybe have a fewer pancakes option for the lactose intolerant like me 🥲

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You can choose if you’d like to have the pancakes with either blueberries, banana walnut, or chocolate chunks.
The pancakes were fluffy and buttery. Personally thought it went really well with the blueberry sauce and the caramel sauce wasn’t really needed as it was sweet enough.
As much as it’s good to try, I think $20 is a tad pricey for pancakes.

The BEST pancakes ever !!! Fluffy and buttery pancakes, complemented really well with the tangy and sweet blueberry compote 😘 Any pancakes I’ve eaten after I’ve tried this was just disappointing 🥲 the portion is huge to so definitely for sharing !

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When almost every set of diners here had ordered the Pancakes with Warm Maple Butter (S$20.00), it was hard not to follow suit.

Indeed, before the appearance of soufflé pancakes, pancakes like these were much sought after for having a fluffy texture, especially when the maple syrup and butter were combined to become a drizzle. And as I was not keen on blueberries today, I chose the banana walnut option and it was quite awesome too.

Though I would have really wished for a lot more maple butter, one could ask for more of those at an additional cost of S$2.00. And for those who would love some meat to go with the pancakes, perhaps ordering some Sugar-cured Bacon at S$7.00 could satisfy.

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While the price is on the higher side, it’s good for sharing and quite filling. May be hard for girls to finish this on their own, so do bring a girlfriend along!Blueberry compote was sweet and tangy, and more than enough to spread over three pancakes. Yum!

Warm maple butter was amazing as usual but pancakes were on the drier side! Blueberry compote was great and the sourness of it went well with the pancake which can get a little cloying. Great for 2 pax and sharing, and a worthwhile brunch meal with chope vouchers 🙂

Signature Blueberry Pancakes w Warm Maple Butter ($19++)

Indulgent and satisfying, would recommend sharing!

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The portion of the pancakes were huge, it was not overly sweet as I thought it would be initially, the pancakes were fluffy and melts in your mouth. Definitely a must to try when eating there, would recommend to share between 2 people.

My FAVOURITE place to go for pancakes in Singapore. The pancake itself is delicious, and the maple syrup just goes perfectly with it, I really don't need any other topping. However, they don't have plain pancakes on the menu so my favourite is the blueberry pancakes. Truly a classic combination that is done incredibly well here.