Black Sesame Bingsu

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Was rather disappointed at the weakness of the black sesame element in this bingsu. Categorised as being one of the "premium bingsu" and at such a high price point, i was definitely expecting much more.

The black sesame fragrance was but a whiff, and the whole bingsu just had me thinking that I was actually eating a regular red bean bingsu instead, with a huge portion of azuki beans mounted atop the bingsu. Good thing was that the azuki beans weren't too sweet and actually provided a nice texture contrast to the delicate shaved ice.

Probably wouldn't be visiting anytime soon again though. Much prefer my bingsu over at O'ma spoon..

Nicely shaven ice topped with sweet red beans and lots of black #sesame. It was a nice surprise to find that underneath the top layers of sesame & ice, there was even more sesame in between! The generous serving of sesame was a huge plus and made it highly flavorful without the need to add extra milk sauce. It is pricey but given that it can be shared between 3-4 people, the price/person is not too bad
📍@nunsongyee, #05-51/52, Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road

I still remember how bingsu was an 'in' thing when it first came to Singapore and people would flock Korean cafes just to have these atas ice kachang. While the hype has died down in recent years, I'm glad that there's still a steady stream of customers in these cafes in a bid to escape the heat with this ice-cold dessert.

Nunsongyee is one of my top few favourite bingsu cafes for its serene cafe ambience, fine shaved ice and generous toppings. And injeolmi bingsu is always my first option because it's less sweet (just soybean powder, almonds and mini rice cakes), less jelat (due to the absence of ice cream), more fragrant, and is one the cheaper flavours. However, if not for the hefty price tag, Nunsongyee's black sesame bingsu remains the top place in my heart for its fragrant black sesame 'mountain' topped with a GIANT scoop of red bean YUMS.

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I love black sesame WAYYY too much hahaha, so yes I did pay 18 dollars for this. Really overpriced if you ask me - I wouldn't buy it again but Nunsongyee is the only Bingsu place with this flavour, so I had to try it out! Wouldn't mind buy again if it was a whole lot cheaper. Nonetheless, super beautifully fine shaved ice and their milk is really nice!


$18.90 pricey but feels so gooood
Brought me back to korea in an instant ahaha
The mochi and black sesame plus red bean pile was surprisingly filling


Black sesame lovers will definitely love this as each mouthful is filled with the fragrant aroma of black sesame. The shaved ice is also snowy and fluffy, without melting too quickly, what i find overwhelming is the big scoop of red bean on top. As there's too much red bean, it started getting "jelat" after a few mouthfuls.

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What's the hype? Yes very finely shaven snow, but then what?

$18.90. Red bean, almonds, black sesame that made it really fragrant, smooth shaved ice but it wasn't as milky as my previous visit to Burghley Drive. Everyone liked that it wasn't too sweet though. (This outlet is 24/7 so you know where to head to whenever you've got bingsu craving!)

Hardly criticize much of anything but the condensed milk here was so diluted to the point that I can't even ... 😪 信じられない。
After trying out most of these overpriced Bingsu places I think it's time I stop wasting calories by remaining loyal & sticking to my Nunsaram 💕

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