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Featuring Caffe Pralet By Creative Culinaire, Ju Shin Jung Korean Restaurant (Guillemard), Ge!ato (Westgate), Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice (Marina Square), Kaffles, Shinkei Japanese Restaurant, Teakha 茶.家, Restaurant Hiang Kee Seafood, Co+Nut+ink (Sentosa), Song Fa Bak Kut Teh (The Centrepoint)
Blanche Tan
Blanche Tan
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Besides receiving invaluable insights to whip up a stellar meal, we all certainly got very unique hands on experience in a cozy atmosphere with our lovely company. From using liquid nitrogen, watching flambé techniques, to making our own pasta from scratch - never ever underestimate the importance of fun! & The best part was enjoying the fruits of our labour at the chef’s table & relish the wonderful 3-course meal we just prepared together. Excellent class for team bonding indeed.
Some of the dishes from us:
•Salad w/ Spinach & Crispy Bacon Slices
•Pasta w/ Salmon & Zucchini
•Semifreddo w/ Orange & Pistachios
P.S. Packed one of each back home & proud of it✌🏻
Many thanks to Chef Antonio, Cindy, & the rest of the team for making this a wonderful evening. Thanks Johnathan & @CulinaryOn_SG for having us too! Of course not forgetting @Cliffton_cw for coming here with me yay ☺️

Garlic butter white rice is cooked to a creamy consistency here as the alternative to arborio grain. Muslim friends can consider this humble halal eatery in the west to break their fast during this holy month 🙌🏻

Initially held high expectations for their Tanuki Kaisen Chirashi ($24.90) - uni, tuna, negitoro, salmon sashimi, aburi, salmon belly, scallop, sea bream, swordfish, white tuna, yellowtail, ikura, tamago & ebiko over signature rice.
Received a bowl overflowing with beautiful sashimi in approx. 5 minutes; amazed by the efficiency yet at the same time wondered if the sashimi were all pre-cut in advance before quick assembly.
Thing about chirashi is how it makes us feel like we're opening a pandora box to examine each piece of gem carefully. However, the whole here didn't taste as good as the sum of its parts - & that's not what I usually expect from quality chirashi (which should be a good indicator of the quality of food) 😞It's as if there was a missing element despite the logical combination, & the grains were relatively dry. Mixing in a fair amount of soy sauce & wasabi did help, but $24.90 for those? Not saying it was horrible, it just wasn't anywhere near exceptional (overhyped) - much like the ones we can get at local Japanese chain restaurants.
Food aside, I have my reservations about the ambience here, an aspect I always take for granted. The sound system basically gave me a headache all night. I can only blame myself for not being used to nightlife, sorry for simply wanting somewhere decent to enjoy my dinner 😪 & Not exactly sure if it's related (don't take my word for it) but my buddy also puked & fainted on the way back. Felt kind of bad for him since I brought him here to celebrate his birthday.
Of course, there are many mixed reviews out there & I can't be bothered to debate. If you've tried & believe otherwise, good for you. Feel free to doubt my caption efforts but remember I paid to get headache.
Seldom name competitors, but I'd choose @SushiroSingapore over this anytime. Brave attempts to the immensely long queue there for their quality has always exceeded my expectations. For someone rather impatient, I say they're worth the wait. & While I'm not a fan of their sweet rice, their chirashi's half the price ($12.80) with thicker, fleshier & sweeter cut of sashimi (p.s. not sponsored).

The chili-drenched crustacean here has a friendly spice level and is on the sweeter end of the spectrum, with fleshy plump meat doused in thick luscious egg tomato-y sauce. Our "2nd meal" began when the fried mantous arrived & everyone started to sponge their gear up to every last bit of the gravy. It's okay to get our hands dirty here as long as we have our crab craving satisfied.
Thanks @IGHut for the media hosting & @Crab_Corner for having us!

There's a lot going on in these things: juicy layers of chili-lemongrass bombed chicken, nice and tender with charred aromas (like satay); a bonus addition of well-seasoned egg omelette; some chicken floss; & the smattering of crunchy, punchy pickled vegetables all in a loaf of bread that's totally unique in its construction. It seems like we can be on our way to a very substantial meal with them.
& As much as I love eating banh mi, I always prefer to leave the actual making of them to the professionals, like the ones here from @NamNamNoodleBar. What's your favourite?

Had a pretty chill evening dinner trying out some of them as well as favourites including:
•Homemade Pumpkin Soup ($5.50)
•Seafood Risotto ($16.90)
•Salted Egg Seafood Pasta ($12.90)
•Tom Yum Seafood Pasta ($12.90) 💕
•Nyonya Style Fish Rice ($9.90)
•Da Burger Bomb ($11.90)
•Chili Chicken Fries ($6.50) 💕
•Sweet Potato Fries ($7.50)
•Grilled Chicken Tomato Pasta - Kid's ($6.90) 💕
•Molten Chocolate Lava Cake ($10.90) 💕
*Not all are featured above as we were too hungry & couldn't wait to dig in to some sacrificing dishes - stay tuned for individual reviews!
Many thanks to Noran & Ericia from @CitrusByThePool for the sweet hospitality!
📍Citrus by The Pool
Woodlands Swimming Complex
3 Woodlands Street 13, S(738600)
Mon-Fri: 11am-11pm
Sat, Sun & PH: 9am-11pm