Truffle Shuffle

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πŸ’΅: $22++

πŸ“ˆ: 8/10

πŸ€”: Truffle taste on the pizza could be stronger, but other than that, everything was good. Their pizza dough is to-die-for and also the main reason as to why I made a return trip. Good pizza at a great price, definitely recommend this place although I would advise you to get the tomato-based pizzas as this one might get a bit jelak (unless you’re sharing!)

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Affordable prices aside, this popular joint deserves credit for their consistent standards too! For just $18, their Truffle Shuffle is luxuriously fragrant and sees a generous peppering of chicken fennel sausage and mushrooms. Also loved is the meaty Dangerous Diego ($16) and the Pizza Doughnuts ($8) side β€” for when you feel like having simply delicious dough on its own!
Photo by Burppler Casey Tan

The ambiance here is great for group and not to mention their affordable price ($22 for one 11inch πŸ•, 4 wings and 1 drink). Strongly recommend The Hangover pizza for meatlover! (Photo: Truffle Shuffle & The Hangover)

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For 18 dollars , this was a good deal.

The pizza was perfumed with truffle oil and the mushrooms sit atop an addictive white bechamel sauce. The crust was nice but you have to eat it quick because it tends to get a little soggy in the middle .
Otherwise - this pizza was pretty good :)

If down load the alt pizza app, you get 10 dollars off your bill ( min 30 dollars bill) which makes it so affordable.

Skip the salads or the wings ( which I didn’t think were as good as the pizzas) .

Go straight for the pizzas :)

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Was expecting a lot from the pizza as the truffle fragrance reached us faster than the sight of it. Surprisingly the truffle taste was not as strong as it smelt to be:( However it was still worth the try:)

Tried this with pretty high expectations because the truffle fragrance was really strong when we first opened the box. Pretty decent, just wished for a stronger truffle taste. Still, a good choice to go for if you like truffle and mushrooms.


This picture DOES NOT do justice to how good the pizza was. We ate and just melted into our own pizza heaven. OH GOD. Best pizza ever hands down.

🍽: Signature pizza, calamari and Idaho Spud Cheddar Fries
Price: Average of 40 per person
πŸš‡: Promenade
πŸ“: Suntec City Tower 4 #01-603, 3 Temasek Boulevard
It's Friday! Time to party! πŸŽ‰ Fridays are always the best days as It is where I get to enjoy great company with great food!
Thin crust pizza lovers! Alt pizza signature its crispy but still retains a tad chewy texture. Best of all they actually oven, bake it on the spot! Talking about freshness ! Truffle lovers do look out for their Truffle Shuffle! The aroma of the truffle already got me worked up! The pizza was savoury, as it started to cool down it become sweeter and soon it was all gone.
I was famished, so I ordered some sides while waiting for the pizza. The calamari was pretty good, it was easy to chew and with the creamy chipotle lime aioli dip it gives of a tangy taste wanting you to eat more but it was slightly too oily. I am loser for fries, what's more they added bacon! I just hope they could give more sauce !
Overall, l would definitely come back for a visit! Hope to see a wider selection on my next visit. Oh! They have a happy hour promotion, where you get a pizza and a pint of beer at $20++ only!