Fishball Story Set A

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Super disappointing. Overhyped!
Noodles was oily.
Fishballs tasted just like DODO fishball. Is this even handmade? Not bouncy, no taste of fish.
Fishcake super salty. Cant taste any fish.
Fried fish skin was not handmade. It came from a foil packet.

I literally struggled to eat this so as not to waste my $6.20!

Return me $6.20

Ordered the mash-up version between Mee Pok & fish ball noodle so instead of pork, we get fish ball & fish cake instead. Pork lard lover will enjoy this bowl as plenty at the bottom. Wish there is more veg but otherwise, tastes nice and we quite like the bowl. Note: we get 10% off using Timbre app! πŸ€“
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Tried the $6.20 version of premium fishball noodle and it's great.

The cheaper version is $4.50 but we recommend the premium version as there are more pieces of fish cakes and fishball.

Timbre is a nice place to chill out in the day when the hawker prices are reasonable. at night the other stalls are more expensive.


[The Fishball Story]
Went for one of the few hawker stalls that is awarded with Michelin Bib Gourmand!
Selected the Premium Fishball Noodles on the menu [$6.00], With tomato sauce as its based topped off with crispy fish skin, mixed with several fish cakes and their handmade fishball!
Where to dine:
The Fishball Story

Squid ink was a little gimmicky as it tasted exactly like their normal fishballs. They ran out of fishcake before 8pm so that gives you an idea of how popular they are. But since they offered to replace the fishcakes with the immensely umami-filled fish dumplings. The soup didn't appeal to me despite it being thick and gelatinous. I felt that the normal soup goes a lot better with these fishball noodles toppings. The noodles were really soft and slurpy because of the thick soup though. However it's pretty expensive for 15, around double their original I think, just for a different soup base that doesn't go as well as the original. Anyways their fishballs and fishcakes and fish dumplings are spectacular as ever so that's a redeeming point.

PS I switched out the tau pok for fish skin and it was awesome

Checking out Fishball Story x The Masses creation for Open Stove 2017 at Timbre+ from today to 30 July 2017 (all proceeds from this dish is donated for a good cause to help out the man behind Armenian Street Char Kway Teow who has cancer).

Really liked the chicken collagen broth which was smooth yet light and umami; matched the slurpy noodles really well. It comes with handmade squid ink fishballs that are particularly springy, along with the signature handmade fish cake and taupok from Fishball Story that everyone would love. It also comes with a good portion of crispy pork lard; definitely appeases those who can't do without pork lard when having noodles while the seaweed enhances the overall umami factor. Really worth the try, and it's a plus point considering you are actually doing some good while enjoying a bowl of noodles that is done well.


It comes with ingredients native to Fishball Story - fish cakes, fried dumpling and fish dumpling, as well as handmade special squid ink fishballs, exclusive to this collaboration!


Pretty substantial portion for $6. The fishballs and fish cake have really good texture too! It also doesn't help that I'm a sucker for deep fried fish skin :) don't forget to return your tray to get a dollar back! (8/10)