Pimp Your Breakfast

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Sourdough 2++
The least sour sourdough I've had, and that's why I really like it. It's basically like white bread but with great texture. Well toasted too. If you're getting bread, get this for sure.

Butter 1++
Slightly salted, comes in a block and it's not well rested

Kaya 1++
This is really where it's at. Probably the best thing for the entire meal. Gula melaka came through and the texture is insane. It's almost like a cream, ridiculously smooth and velvety. Must try!

Pimp your breakfast because you can! Love it when I get to pick everything I like on my plate. Started out a lot greedier but had some self restraint 😛Got me some wholemeal bread ($2) (comes with 2 slices for one serving), poached eggs ($6), smashed avocados ($6), smoked salmon slices ($8) and their house made dark roasted peanut butter ($1) (made from burnt peanuts). Prefer the smoked ocean trout they used to have on their menu to the current smoked salmon. The pimp my breakfast section became a lot smaller too!

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Ordered this for delivery during the Circuit Breaker and it was wonderful, BUT nothing beats having @thelokalsingapore’s housemade Banana Bread right on their premises.
Served warm, it comes in a generous big block and is lavished in caramelised bananas and yogurt (both made from scratch in-house too). Then, on go toasted macadamia nuts and for the finishing touch, grated lime zest. So in every bite there’s fragrance, warmth, sweetness, mushiness, buttery crunch and a teensy bright note of citrus freshness. I still think it’s extraordinarily yums, like it‘s always been from my first taste of it a couple of years ago.

Chef-owner Darren (@fuzzychef) shared with me when I dropped by last night that @thelokalsingapore is now open from Wednesdays to Sundays and serves their Brunch Menu from 9am to 9pm. That’s not to say they have stopped their Dinner Menu because it’s available in the evening but if you get a craving for Bacon & Eggs for dinner, or feel like doing things your way via their “Pimp My Breakfast” option (there are 15 items to choose from), you now know where to go. I actually really like the sound of that and plan to check it out soon.

Having it my way:
1. Sourdough [$2]
2. Dark roasted peanut butter [$1] - homemade peanut butter, really out of this world, love how rich and intense the flavor is
3. Eggs [$6] - choose your style
4. Sautéed mushrooms [$6] - love the mixture of mushrooms used here
5. House smoked trout [$7] - probably my fav of the lot. Very subtle hint of smokiness in the perfectly cooked fish that just flakes off so gently with all its moisture intact (it’s no longer on the menu, replaced with mackerel. But do ask and see if they can do this for you)

Behind the scene: cold brew coffee [$7]


Pimp your own breakfast @ The Lokal. I chose roasted Japanese pumpkin $6, burger patty $10, cauliflower and cheese $6, house smoked mackerel $7, roast pork $7. So damn good and satisfied.

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So we ordered a pimp my breakfast, of which we can ala carte the items we wanted. We had the wholegrain toasted bread ($2), roasted chicken ($6), scrambled egg ($6), sauteed mushrooms ($6), roasted potatoes ($5) with butter ($1). Our most expensive breakfast item ever! And we didn't realise how huge the portion was till the food came. I liked the wholegrain bread! It wasn't as tough as the rye which I had last time. My favourite items of this order: mushroom > potatoes > scrambled egg > bread > chicken. Haha. You can obviously tell who the roasted chicken order came from 😂 (when we already had chicken rice the night before 🤯) #burpple #burpplesg #shopbackgo #thelokal #food #foodiesg #sgfoodie #whati8today #8dayseat #vscofoodie #iweeklyfood #foodporn #foodstagram #vscofood #foodphotography #sgmakan #sgmakandiary #sgfoodstagram #singaporeeats #exploresingaporeeats #exploresg #whatsgoodhere #foodtrails #sgfoodies #sgeats

With @thelokalsingapore “Pimp My Breakfast”, you definitely can. Somehow ended up ordering a gym junkie brunch with poached eggs, ricotta and roast chicken. Doesn’t look much but pretty flavourful.


It’s been a while since I last dined here so when it came to deciding where our group should go for brunch today, the answer was obvious.
Without hesitation, I tend to gravitate towards the “Pimp Your Breakfast” section of the menu but the “Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich” caught my eye and that was it - I knew instantly what was destined for my belly.
Between the soft hot dog buns was a very large and very juicy piece of thigh meat. It wore a thin layer of crunchy crumbed coating that made the sandwich more fun texturally. Rounding things out with a bit of creaminess was a dollop of coriander mayo and a generous layer of smashed avocado. The rush of spicy heat that I particularly loved, came courtesy of Chef-owner Darren Farr’s housemade sriracha. Last but not least, fresh lettuce and sliced tomatoes were layered in between.
Verdict: A really solid chicken sandwich that I wouldn’t hesitate to order again.


Pimped my own #breakfast with #cauliflower and #cheese. Homemade #yogurt. Smoked #salmon and smoked #mackerel (my all time favourite). #Avocado. Homemade #sausage (which is a little dry). #burpple


Went here during national day brunch. arrived quite late so kinda need to wait 15 minutes for a table. i kinda want to try their kaya since you know its the national day, but wanted something savory too. ended up getting sourdough, kaya, ricotta, roast beef, baked beans and sunny side up. Oh did not actually try eating the kaya with the beef/beans 😂, but it was very pandany, and with the ricotta on the sourdough, quite tasty 4//

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