Berry Ricotta Hotcake

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Saw this being ordered at most tables so decided to give it a shot

On first look, the surface looked abit burnt to me but luckily there wasn’t any burnt taste. The sides of the hotcake were crispy while the middle remained moist.
Tastewise, the maple syrup and the jam gave the sweet and sour contrast with the occasional bites of the nuts. Oh and the ice cream was way too little and melted very quickly on top the warm hotcake.

Not too bad but it’s def a sharing portion.

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Thought the pancake was burnt at first as color did not look like other review pics and was a very dark brown. Asked staff and they told me not to worry as pancakes baking time differs, thus mine is just more caramelised. Sweet and fluffy 👍👌

One of the most famous ricotta hotcakes in town - the 20 minutes waiting time is so worth it! It is not so jelak with the decent amount of berries and sauce. The ice cream balances out the warmth of the hotcake, though due to the heat it melts quite quickly.

// $16.90
with vanilla ice cream, berries compote, seasonal fruits, mixed seeds, maple syrup

Beware that there is a 30 minute wait for this dish, but definitely worth it. Vanilla ice cream is made with real vanilla beans and its a good contrast against the warm hotcake. Really good even after the ice cream melts. Berries compote has this light lavender taste that I appreciated well.

Though expensive, the portion definitely made up for it.

Review: 5/5, will be back for it again

Omfg. Best hotcake I’ve ever eaten. Served warm and fluffy. Drizzled with maple and paired with strawberries. Seeds add a nice crunch. The perfect balance. What more can I say?

THE PANCAKES WERE SUPER THICK and goes well with the ice cream & maple syrup!!! A lil reminiscent of macs pancakes but in an elevated and good way 😍😍
Will be back for more!


This Hotcake was really moist and thick, generously sprinkled with seeds and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, which pairs well with the warm hotcake

The pulled pork, hoison BBQ was not bad. It was pretty fragrant and has a good portion of meat. The chai tea latte could be stronger, as it is not flavourful enough. The berry ricotta pancake was nice and fluffy and has a nice aroma to it.

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Expect to wait ~20mins for something pretty mediocre. Slightly burnt hotcake, showered with loads of mixed seeds and little berries.