Bread/Desserts/ Small Bites

Bread/Desserts/ Small Bites

Featuring Curious Palette, Just Dough (Suntec City), Baker’s Bench Bakery, nomVnom Bistro (Clarke Quay Central), The M Plot, Melvin's Durian, Chocolate Origin (United Square), Nana's Green Tea (Japan Food Town), wimbly lu, Rich and Good Cake Shop
Grace C
Grace C

These cookies from @wanderyolk are soft and chewy, filled with rich dark chocolate and a sprinkle of sea salt. Highly addictive!! Really love this combi

These tarts from @wanderyolk is AMAZING!!! Love how the filling is not too sweet and the crust is light and crispy. Comes in bite size so it won’t feel jelat at all

This cake is really rich and fudgy, the bitterness of the dark chocolate really came through. Not too sweet and def satisfied my choco cravings

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MSW was on promo that day Super cheap!! Quality is q good, v creamy with flat seeds. Would prefer it to be more bitter tho

Seeds are really small! But I don’t really like jf unfortunately, there’s a strong alcohol taste to it and not as creamy as MSW

Made cheese toasties using this bread from Bakers Bench. Really love seeded bread and this sourdough is p good!

Won the giveaway from Zenko and LVL. Was Super impressed by the waterlily pops as it was rlly tasty and crunchy, better than popcorn imo (&healthier too!) comes in 4 flavours: pink Himalayan salt, cinnamon caramel, peri peri and coconut. The raw focus drink mix was matcha based, tastes best added to cold soymilk!

First time trying sth else other than beancurd tarts from LE cafe. This was pretty good, liked the blueberry cream in the middle as it was slightly tart which balances out the sweetness from the sponge cake

Nice buttery pastry filled with silky custard, tho a little sweet for me. Was never a major fan of egg tarts so wasn’t super wowed by this but def intrigued by the idea of VEGAN egg tart like how?!!?

This Hotcake was really moist and thick, generously sprinkled with seeds and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, which pairs well with the warm hotcake

Very lucky to have won the giveaway from @duriandistrict! The MSW was rlly good!! V creamy and bitter sweet I love it

Top box is MSW from The Durian Story ($23/kg)
Bottom left: MSW from 717 trading ($28/kg)
Bottom right: black gold from 717 trading ($32/kg)
Actually preferred MSW to black gold, which was too wet and sweet for me

Grace C

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