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From the Burpple community

A rich, chocolatey cup of hot chocolate which was very comforting in the cold weather. They add shaved chocolate pieces that melt into the hot choc! My friends and I each got some chocolate covered nuts/dried fruit/etc (there’s a huge & interesting variety) and they were delicious too!

Asian fascination = whipping out your phone and snapping away. Yup that was me when I saw this cuppa hot chocolate with actual chocolate shavings atop- and not just milk chocolate but a combination of white and dark chocolate shavings as well.
You even get to choose your liquid base of coconut water/ soy milk etc. I chose the former and felt it was a great option with a good balance of rich chocolate and refreshing coconut water. If you've tried chocolate with coconut you'd either appreciate the ingenious combination or frown upon it- for me it has always been then former.
For £4, a delightful #treatyoself.