We've moved to 97 Frankel Avenue and have a whole new menu. Expect wholesome lunch specials, kickass fried chicken & cornbread waffles and awesome soft serves.

97 Frankel Avenue
Singapore 458222

11:30am - 03:30pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm

11:30am - 03:30pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm

11:30am - 03:30pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm

11:30am - 03:30pm
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11:30am - 03:30pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm



Reviews at Bird Bird

Reviews of good food at Bird Bird
Takeaway Toasted Milk Softie ($5)

Couldn't resist ordering this big swirl of toasted milk softie to go after having Sunday brunch here. It sure is a real treat as it's drizzled with plenty of gula melaka and covered in big chunks of crunchy almond crumble.

5-Cheese Grilled Cheese with Kimchi Tomato Soup ($18++)

My heart fluttered when I spotted this on @birdbirdsg's instagram yesterday. So flittered over to make a reservation I did.
Happy as a lark to report the "5-Cheese Grilled Cheese with Kimchi Tomato Soup" tern-ed out to be everything I hoped it would.
As tasty as the crunchy toast was solo, it had me really crowing in delight after a dunk in the tangy kimchi-tomato soup. I am sure the siege of brie, herb & garlic cream cheese, Grana Padano, haloumi and cheddar within had something to do with that.
Owl definitely recommend this to anyone who loves a good grilled cheese toast.
Toucan even share it if the pair of you order another item from the "Brunch Plate" section of the menu.

Whole Bird And Waffles

Pretty spicy and amazing southern style fried chicken! Waffles were a little small though.

Grilled Cheese S/w

This s/w is as long as my face to begin with! Grilled cheese lovers, get your hands on these cheesy little things, its great to share if you have a small stomach like me. Dip it into the yummy kimchi tomato soup concoction which came withit, sedap! ($18)

Homemade Pumpkin Pie with Toasted Milk Softie

Saw Bird Bird's Instagram about this homemade Pumpkin Pie and since I was pretty near in the east, why not? The smooth, spiced pumpkin filling within that flaky tart pastry works out good on its own, but the light, malty and creamy toasted milk softie (which can be added for an additional charge) brings it up the next level as it compliments the Pumpkin very well. Coming with the pumpkin pie by default is the dollop of soft Vanilla Mascarpone; aromatic and smooth and comes on top of the pie if one orders it without the softie.

Blackforest Softie Pie ($15++)

Every time my spoon went in, it came out really happy. Yup, the latest dessert at @birdbirdsg, the Blackforest Softie Pie, is another well thought-out and deliciously executed creation that's worth indulging in.
Their house-made yoghurt soft serve is presented in the company of lusciously soft, rich chocolate pudding, juicy kirsch cherries, grated chocolate, white chocolate curls and crunchy feuilletine of the prettiest shimmery gold . Each component tastes good separately, but better when eaten together.
What I really liked best was breaking up the crisp biscuit base that the swirl of yoghurt (which by the way, isn't the tangy kind) sat on, and having it with all the scrumptiousness in the bowl.

Bird Bird's signature Original Fried Chicken.

3 pieces of fried chicken, corn bread waffle and a smooth mash covered in sausage gravy. The chicken itself was very well done. Well brined and perfectly fried. However, the overall flavour was a little lacking in punch. Maybe I was missing the bold and unique flavours from the old Bird Bird. The cornbread waffles on the other hand was lovely and goes well the sausage gravy. At $24, I can't help comparing it with other regular fried chicken joints...I am not sure if I will be back soon enough. Maybe after tasting the spicy version I will have a better idea...

For Chicken and Waffles

As Burpple Tastemaker Jason Wong puts it, the chicken is "encased in wonderfully spiced, golden brown, crunchy, craggy batter, the brined meat within is mouth-wateringly moist". Take his advice and pour the sausage gravy over the cornbread waffle!
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Jason Wong

Just another fries side, though the egg's pretty tempting

Cause that glossy yolk got me like 😍🙌🏻 For the life of me I can't seem to remember what this dish is, though I'm guessing it was a Sloppy Joes Fries kinda thing, with country gravy, chunky bacon bits, and a lovely sunny side up. While I'd love a little more spice and depth in the gravy seeing how the same gravy is used throughout, the bacon and egg already means a big yay from us.

Stupid spicy it is for this signature fried chicken combo.

Surprisingly, the slaw and bacon gravy upstaged the hawt chick. 🐣 #foodporn #burpple #birdbirdsg

Stubbornly ordered the Durian Softee Pie ($16) even though durian has always been my worst enemy for food!

Sorry @fionatingx for spoiling your creation but the combination of creamy toasted milk soft serve, almond pie crust caramelised white chocolate and gula melaka caramel was too too tempting!! (I had mine with the Durian Pudding separated, my friend annihilated it though). My portion (without the durian) was so so good, the flavours went superbly well together as I would imagine, reading the ingredients off the menu.
Sorry you won't get the right review with mine, but if the other ingredients worked so well together, those Durian lovers would definitely adore it too!!

A place that would surface to my mind with keywords of "cheat day" or "good grub".

This was a well deserved meal after a grinding 2 hours of body pump and Bosu RMT in the gym (I mean I work out to eat more right? 😏). This Birdhouse Special ($24) got to be the best representation of their food here - 2 pieces of perfect Buttermilk Fried Chicken (comes in original or stupid-spicy), cornbread waffle, chunky mash potatoes with a splash of country sausage gravy. Really loved the rendition of it (The Slayer) at Savour Christmas, but love it really more here!! Do not, I repeat DO NOT, leave this place without ordering their Brown Sugar Bacon Chop ($8)! Definitely the best thing ever, no regrets! $8 maybe a little expensive for bacon, but what you are getting is a huge thick slab of sweet savoury goodness! Best part, it's not too fatty but still tender with a nice bite! (Still kinda bumped with the fact that they removed the bacon chop with scrambled eggs on waffles, but overall still enjoyed my meal at @birdbirdsg! Can't wait to be back!!

Rhuppleberry Softie Pie

Toasted Milk Soft Serve, Rhubarb Apple Strawberry Cobbler, Kataifi Pastry, Candied Pecans.

Was a little bummed because my friend didn't like durian but still very impressed with the Rhuppleberry Softie Pie. This feels very identical to one of my favourite candy of all time; a milk with strawberry swirl hard candy especially when you combine all the elements especially the soft-to-the-bite macerated fruits together with every spoon, which comes a light crispiness every time when you hit the Kataifi Pastry on the side. At the bottom, a tart base supports the entire Softie which was surprisingly not soggy despite supporting the entire Softie alone, while lending a buttery, crusty goodness to go along with the soft serve. Very well-executed and there was never once it felt overly sweet despite everything that is going on in the bowl; would definitely try the Durian Softie Pie again some other day.

Breakfast Sandwich

I made it a point to tell my friend that we should get anything with the Bacon Chop on their menu because I could have went immediately berserk if we were to miss it entirely (I just fell in love the first time I tried the single slab of it at Artichoke).

So here it is; apparently the only item on the menu with the bacon chop unless you are as crazy as me that you would order it on the side just because of a reluctant dining partner. English Muffins toasted and with bacon chop, egg mayo, arugula, tomato jam in the middle with purple potato crisps and truffle sauce at the side, this sounds like your "all-too-breakfasty" morning deal but it absolutely can be had for any occasion for it would be a rather heavy breakfast all by itself (not that I am complaining). Very rarely there would be a burger that works when combined together; usually it's more of the individual elements that shine but here everything works well by itself and works wonders altogether — the sweet tomato jam helps to cut the arugula's natural bitterness, while the creamy scrambled eggs feels buttery smooth within. The bacon chop is incredibly meaty and chunky (tip: add that smoked maple at the side while at it; it gives it yet another level of oomph!) that makes it as good as having a burger rather than being just a sandwich — all of these when the muffin is pretty light and fluffy without that carby feeling at all. Those purple potato crisps work great on their own; crispy and seasoned in salt but dip them into the truffle mayo which gives it an aromatic, earthy twist. A breakfast sandwich for breakfast, lunch or dinner — I wouldn't mind!

Truffle Cheese Curly Fries

These were as good as it sounded — curly fries with black truffle mayo and Grana Padano. Sounded extremely sinful on menu but it's not overly jelak; there was never once it felt too cheesy or too much truffle going on — in fact the truffle felt like it compliments the cheese with an earthier undertone rather than to overwhelm those crispy morsels of curly fries (which are also seasoned like how we like 'em curly fries to be) with unnecessary truffle flavour. Good to share.

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