Hei-Bi Pasta ($22) features al dente linguine cooked in a spicy dried shrimp sauce that is packed with unami. The “kelong” tiger prawns are big, fresh and meaty. Topped with onsen egg and ikura, this is one addictive pasta that I can’t get enough of.

Butadon ($22) comes with torched pork belly, onsen egg and ikura on top of Japanese rice and it is so good! The thinly sliced pork belly has a good balance of sweet and savoury notes and it is torched to smokey perfection. The runny onsen egg wraps up everything and each mouthful is a delight.

We had Braised Chinese Cabbage ($7.80). It is nothing too complicated, but the natural sweetness of the soft cabbages comes through - this is simple but comforting.

The Scallion Oil with Chicken Dry Noodle ($13.80) is not bad - the chicken is tender and the noodles are not too soft. Although the sauce is a tad sweet, it is generally quite aromatic and it complements the noodles and the chicken.

The Fragrant Mala Pork Dumpling (5 pcs - $11.80) features tasty pork filling wrapped in thin dumpling skin. However, it’s a pity that the vinegar is too overpowering for me.

I have always wanted to try out Taiwanese restaurant DaXi and I finally did so recently. Although they are known for their dumpling, I was actually most surprised and impressed by the Taiwanese Lu Rou Fan ($5.80) as the chopped pork belly that is ladled over the short-grain rice is savoury, aromatic and very soft - so good!

Located at the heart Tanjong Pagar, Bara Food offers authentic Indonesian grilled rice in the CBD.

There is a variety of grilled rice sets to choose from. Ayam Goreng Serundeng ($14.50) features Javanese style fried chicken topped with a fried spice and herbs, while Bumbu Kemanji ($14.50) comes with stir-fried shredded chicken with lemon basil leaves. The chicken is tender, moist and flavourful. This is absolutely delicious.

Each set also comes with grilled rice, crispy Melinjo crackers, fried tofu and tempeh, and chilli. The biggest surprise has to be the rice that is wrapped in banana leaves and grilled - it is so savoury and fragrant, which reminds me of chicken rice. Even something simple like the fried tofu and tempeh are done very well (aromatic and crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside) and everything go really well with the fiery chilli. Love it!

The Coconut Milk Pancakes came with mixed berries, a dollop of cream cheese and maple syrup drizzle. I love the subtle whiff of coconut fragrance within the pancake and although the pancake is on the denser/thicker side, it is not dry.

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The Nasi Goreng Iga Hitam features squid ink fried rice with braised beef ribs and a sunny side up. The fried rice is packed with umami and it is surprisingly spicy - definitely delivered a kick there. The beef ribs are braised thoroughly in a sweet and savoury sauce. No fried rice is complete without a fried egg and the sunny side up brings everything together nicely. Lastly, special shout out to the terasi chilli which is shiok and savoury - goes really well with the crackers!

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Kickstarting the 龙 weekend with the Traditional Lohei from Tanamera Coffee - can’t really go wrong with crunchy golden pillow crackers and savoury smoked salmon!

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Finally checked out the Atlas Afternoon Tea ($65) which comes with a variety of sweet and savoury bites with your choice of tea / coffee / beverage. The interior is stunning and it looks like a scene from The Great Gatsby🤵🏻

The savoury items include:
- Brioche with truffled egg and chives
- Lobster on crystal bread
- Vol-au-vent with smoked salmon rillette and kaluga caviar
- Tomato basil arancini gougère with farmers bacon and comté
- Rosatella espuma with shrimp

The sweet items include:
- Scones, jam and clotted cream
- Banana almond eclair
- French canelés
- Popcorn custard ball
- Ruby chocolate truffle
- Pistachio cannoli mille-feuille
- Madeleines

The savoury bites are tasty and satisfying. The sweet items are pretty varied (i.e. not mostly cakes) and the French canelés are good. There is also a wide selection of tea to choose from and I really like the Muscat White tea, which is lightly fruity with a strong scent of honey. What an indulgent afternoon!

We ordered Peanut Butter French Toast ($4.50) but unfortunately it’s too oily for my liking😅