I'm sharing this because I haven't bought this popular snack in a long time and how come must chew so long ah? It's still fragrant but quite unpleasant.

Here, it's either beef or fish. I haven't tried BurgerLabo and in a twist of fate I ate this first. Well, I should've chosen fish. This seriously reminded me of McDonald's cheeseburger, albeit with a slightly thicker patty and lots of onion that kept distracting me from the fact it's just McDonald's.

New Viet stall opened by the Thai stall. Wtf. Anyway this is a special item. Their usual dry noodles come with fried meat, but they had run out of it. After some to and fro that I thought settled on beef pho, out came this. It's a fulfilling bowl. The noodles were quite authentic, the raw greens weren't too scary, the meats were lovely and I love Viet fried spring roll. Nice soup too.

Okay their Japanese is better than their pao fan. It's not the best and there's something inauthentic about it but it's enjoyable at least.

They use large and gooey pieces of carrot cake. I would give this a failing score. And stallholder so attitude for what?

I returned to the middle stall facing the carpark for a large cup of this. The grated coconut was irritating but still a good and cheap order.

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With sunny side up. I wanted this to be good but a bad patty arrived. It was so sinewy I had to spit out something every bite. Can I say more? The truffle cream and sauteed mushrooms were fine.

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Interesting Japanese pizza joint. This uses vinegar chicken karaage as the main ingredient. They're crispy and tasty, but quite incompatible with pizza. I had to eat them separately. Sadly despite having a big oven, their pizza crust wasn't good. The shredded cabbage and onsen egg helped Japanise it further.

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I was initially excited they finally added a pasta menu, because, you know, chef's from Cicheti. But the result was mixed hmm. Whatever the intention was, and despite me being a lard fanatic, this didn't work. Taken together the bacon, lard and spaghetti were confusing. But I award some credit for the authenticity of carbonara, minimal with just a sous vide egg.

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I'm quite scared of thunder tea. But I'm glad the girlfriend tried this. I detected thunder tea but it's done skillfully, balancing it for both those who like it and don't. Delicious.

Amazing. My first time encountering this. Singapore doesn't have it. The filling is chocolate, condensed milk and Milo powder.

That's literally the name. It's pork chop. So why review it? It's superb and a signature here. It's available to add onto most mains. Imagine tonkatsu. It's like a budget version.