Brooklyn style pizzeria at MBS! Was pleasantly surprised at how good this was! There was a slight queue to get seated around 8pm on a Saturday but we got seated pretty quickly as we were a smaller group of two. There are more seatings in twos so can go in smaller groups next time!

Pretty reasonably priced if I must say. We got the NEW YORK FAMOUS ORIGINAL ($29). Thin crust that's is still slightly doughy and not crispy kind which I like! Flavours on the seemingly simple pizza was good. But also quite spicy for me (I can't take spicy well). It has a good crust but some parts burnt which I feel is inevitable and my companion loved it so I guess it's personal preference?

We also got their House Arnold Palmer ($6) which is lemonade + iced tea. Pretty yummy but you will to stir a bit before drinking.

Would love to return to try out their Bee Sting the next time!

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Tried this pretty new dessert place JANE DEER SUGAR WATER along Liang Seah Rd which took over a mala space I really liked. It seems to be a popular brand from China.

Their desserts are on the pricier side for sure. We got their The Bath Teddy Bear ($9.80), Super Multi-Awned Little Round Son ($8.80) and Original Flavor Double Skin Milk ($8.80).

Unfortunately all of the dessert fell short to our expectations and considering that there are so many other dessert shops in the vicinity I would really prefer the others.

The Double Skin Milk tasted like milk powder, the mochi balls were powdery in the middle and the mango sago were felt watered down. Same as the coconut milk in the teddy bear bowl. I have to say that their mangos and taro mochis were the only saving grace but nothing much to shout about either.

I will probably not be back again.

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I believe this was about $60 for all the layers of goodness? Very similar concept and style to the likes of House of Chirashi at East Village which is way nearer to my place. Pretty decent for a Japanese place in the heartlands but I have something similar near me so I probably will not visit unless I’m in the vicinity.

However they do have an Omakase option which was something interesting! You can check out IG @canihaveabitepls for a more detailed review

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Tried their new dish recently as I saw lots of people ordering this the last time I was here. If there lots of Chinese ordering this so this must be good right?

It's basically a pot with all parts of beef from tripe to tendon etc in a light beef broth that reminds me of 兰州拉面 but better. Really good and theyre having a great promo for this pot + 6 sets of skewers+ 1 dessert for about $55? Very value for money considering each set of skewer is already $3.80

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I have to say. This is probably my favourite Chinese skewer bar hands down. Of cos there are things for them to improve on or have a wider variety of skewers, it’s really really good.

Their skewers are all priced at 3 sticks for $3.80 which is not too bad but some items are a little smaller than usual skewers we see. They don’t have some of the usuals like golden enoki mushrooms and the chives felt like a low effort level dish where they blanched the veg and added some powder spices to give it some flavour.

Their chicken feet is sooo good. It’s 2 for $3.80 but the size is pretty big. And they are the ONLY Chinese skewer shop with 鸡中宝 which is basically the soft bone at the palm of the chicken feet. My favourite when I was living in China and can be found in almost all shaokao shops there but I have never ever seen it here till this place!! So I’m super overjoyed to find them again.

Their mixian is also one of the best I’ve had here in Singapore. I’m comparing to Chinese mixian which I used to eat a lot when I was living in China so this could be a bias on my end as it’s a comfort food for me. But the bite and texture is very good even for Chinese standards imo! I like their pig intestines one but Chinese do it a lot smellier so I don’t think it’s for everyone. ($11.80 for the noodles and good to share with 2 if you have skewers!)

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I feel like this is expats and TripAdvisor’s best kept secret. Crowd is mostly expat and they offer a really good deal on saturdays where you will get free flow oysters + Prosecco and their cocktails for only $48!!!

I had half a mind to not share this gem of mine but I really think it’s too good not to share. Just don’t make them too popular that it’s too hard to book.

Oysters are not exactly the fat and juicy ones but at this price + it’s free flow can eat till shiok la

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I got the Radiatori pasta + white clams + black lumpfish caviar + capers in pink sauce and it came up to be $20.40 which is honestly not too bad la.

However I did feel that they were really stingy with the pink sauce? I could barely taste it and was desperately trying to find sauce to coat my pasta with. I have to say the pasta is interesting with a good bite to it. But I doubt I will return anytime soon la.

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Was really excited to try out this place but honestly it was pretty disappointing. I thought the price point is ok but their serving is really small.

Nothing much to shout about. If there’s no queue and you’re nearby is ok but we had to wait 30min on a Thursday evening - probably not worth the wait for me. One thing to note is that their chilli flakes are really a little spicy.

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Looks like a very unassuming place but I dare say that this could be one of the best pork leg rice I’ve had in Singapore. Even the veg at the side complemented the rice and pork so well! Relatively affordable for grub in town - only complaint I have is that if only they had more veg!

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Mexico by Day, Lebanon by Night ($42)
Wish I was a Baller ($42)
Buffalo wings ($28)

Pizzas felt almost fried. It’s not really a fluffy bread nor a thin crispy crust. I guess it’s highly dependent on individual preferences! I do enjoy their flavours and generally tastes great but I remember that day being a little on the saltier side.

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They have zichar options and also set combo for individual portions. It ranges from $7.90 to $9.90 for combos from one dish to 2 dishes. I got the $9.90 as I wanted to try their other dishes and also 2 seafood sides for zichar is quite reasonable at $9.90 imo!

Absolutely love the chilli squid and sambal stingray. The stingray is probably the most popular dish there. It's spicy but I like that they actually add black bean sauce to it so it's really interesting! I would like to have more sauce though. It's also quite a big piece!

The squid was also very well cooked and the sauce is sedap! It's a little on the sweeter side and the gravy goes so well with rice.

Will return!

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I paid almost $25 for these three sets.
Price list and menu can be found on their IG.

I am not usually a huge nasi lemak fan as I'm not that great with spicy food. Their sambal is definitely on the spicier side (even for my family who can take spicy).

The rice has a strong whiff of lemongrass but I don't quite taste/smell the pandan. I do like lemongrass so it's ok for me but I guess it really personal preference.

I enjoyed the fried eggs though. Because my friend who got it for me were there at 8am a few items were not available hence I did not manage to try several items which I wanted to.

But from what I've tasted and it's quite a distance from where I live, I don't think I will make a trip specially down but I might try again if I'm in the vicinity.

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