I have to say. This is probably my favourite Chinese skewer bar hands down. Of cos there are things for them to improve on or have a wider variety of skewers, it’s really really good.

Their skewers are all priced at 3 sticks for $3.80 which is not too bad but some items are a little smaller than usual skewers we see. They don’t have some of the usuals like golden enoki mushrooms and the chives felt like a low effort level dish where they blanched the veg and added some powder spices to give it some flavour.

Their chicken feet is sooo good. It’s 2 for $3.80 but the size is pretty big. And they are the ONLY Chinese skewer shop with 鸡中宝 which is basically the soft bone at the palm of the chicken feet. My favourite when I was living in China and can be found in almost all shaokao shops there but I have never ever seen it here till this place!! So I’m super overjoyed to find them again.

Their mixian is also one of the best I’ve had here in Singapore. I’m comparing to Chinese mixian which I used to eat a lot when I was living in China so this could be a bias on my end as it’s a comfort food for me. But the bite and texture is very good even for Chinese standards imo! I like their pig intestines one but Chinese do it a lot smellier so I don’t think it’s for everyone. ($11.80 for the noodles and good to share with 2 if you have skewers!)

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