Steak and meats + pasta and all the other thingsss
Maureen Yeoh
Maureen Yeoh

My second time at Publico and this time I was seated inside. They messed up our reservation and had to wait close to 30 min before we were seated.

Pasta weren’t great- the only one worth getting IMO was the beef lasagna which honestly is also quite expensive. But compared to the Linguine Vongole ($28) which was bland and tiny, this was way better. Pizzas are a safer choice.

We got the Deep Fried Mars Bars and Oreos ($16) for dessert and it was doughy. Very much preferred the ones from Chippy’s instead.

Music was also overwhelmingly loud. We found ourselves having to shout to each other which wasn’t pleasant at all.

Other than the ambience which was beautiful, I doubt I will return again considering it’s already my second time.

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Brooklyn style pizzeria at MBS! Was pleasantly surprised at how good this was! There was a slight queue to get seated around 8pm on a Saturday but we got seated pretty quickly as we were a smaller group of two. There are more seatings in twos so can go in smaller groups next time!

Pretty reasonably priced if I must say. We got the NEW YORK FAMOUS ORIGINAL ($29). Thin crust that's is still slightly doughy and not crispy kind which I like! Flavours on the seemingly simple pizza was good. But also quite spicy for me (I can't take spicy well). It has a good crust but some parts burnt which I feel is inevitable and my companion loved it so I guess it's personal preference?

We also got their House Arnold Palmer ($6) which is lemonade + iced tea. Pretty yummy but you will to stir a bit before drinking.

Would love to return to try out their Bee Sting the next time!

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I feel like this is expats and TripAdvisor’s best kept secret. Crowd is mostly expat and they offer a really good deal on saturdays where you will get free flow oysters + Prosecco and their cocktails for only $48!!!

I had half a mind to not share this gem of mine but I really think it’s too good not to share. Just don’t make them too popular that it’s too hard to book.

Oysters are not exactly the fat and juicy ones but at this price + it’s free flow can eat till shiok la

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I got the Radiatori pasta + white clams + black lumpfish caviar + capers in pink sauce and it came up to be $20.40 which is honestly not too bad la.

However I did feel that they were really stingy with the pink sauce? I could barely taste it and was desperately trying to find sauce to coat my pasta with. I have to say the pasta is interesting with a good bite to it. But I doubt I will return anytime soon la.

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Was really excited to try out this place but honestly it was pretty disappointing. I thought the price point is ok but their serving is really small.

Nothing much to shout about. If there’s no queue and you’re nearby is ok but we had to wait 30min on a Thursday evening - probably not worth the wait for me. One thing to note is that their chilli flakes are really a little spicy.

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Mexico by Day, Lebanon by Night ($42)
Wish I was a Baller ($42)
Buffalo wings ($28)

Pizzas felt almost fried. It’s not really a fluffy bread nor a thin crispy crust. I guess it’s highly dependent on individual preferences! I do enjoy their flavours and generally tastes great but I remember that day being a little on the saltier side.

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15.90 for the double +$4 for the set and an additional $1 for the truffle mayo drizzle.

Waffle fries were delicious and especially with the truffle mayo it was definitely yum. But $1 for that drizzle feels a little like a luxury for me. I am not sure if i will go for it again even though I do quite enjoy it.

Their burger is pretty big which makes it quite value for money but unfortunately it paled in comparison to the other burgers I've had recently. (more on reviews up on IG @canihaveabitepls)

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Not the best picture but a pretty decent burger. I visited the branch at Novena and it was completely empty at 6.30pm on a weekday.

Ordered and food arrived quickly. It was surprisingly still pretty good and juicy despite a 1 hour train ride home. It was a little messy, bun was a little squashed but otherwise I do feel like the patty was done well and pretty well seasoned. The condiments was also in a good balance.

Not the most wow but it’s decent!

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I'm a huge fan of bone marrows typically but felt like it didn't blew me away. Looks amazing and the ingredients felt like it should work really well but it didn't impress me or my companion. So I'm a little disappointed. They are quite generous with the caviar tho!

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This was no doubt my companion and my favourite dish of the night! Must order in my opinion. Prawns were well done and the sauce was the most amazing. I'm salivating at the thought of it now!

This is the half portion (~$35) I was thrilled to find that we can actually order halves for the paellas.

Unfortunately this was quite disappointing for me. The squid ink was good! Not overly fishy but somehow the dish lacks dimensions in taste I can't really pinpoint where. I remember enjoying tje paella at Kulto a lot more!

This was part of their daily specials. I gotta say this was really good too. Everything went well and was very good as a starter to share.

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