Hawker/Kopitiam Hawker Growing up, my dad a real picky eater only brought us to his places in his golden list of hawkers. Find it hard to compile it in a single location, but I believe it’s time to put it down in the books and compile the great old school Hawker Heritage. If not, check out @thamapproved on insta. Note that this Burpple list will also include others’ food reccs because the Burpple system encourages that!
Others’ Non BB Places Damn looks good but no BB, hmm why let BB decide where I eat right?
Burpple Beyond Deals 💰 $$ Burpple Beyond To Try 🤑🤑 Hmm slightly more pricey for Bb so this is my Tier 2 List
Hidden Gem, High Tea, Great View To Admire Expensive for a girl on a Budget, unattainable and hence in this list, for me to admire when I get bored
Hidden Gem Non Burpple Beyond but Worth Checking Out I really do like my food, so if I say it’s worth checking out - it really is la. These are my non Burpple Beyond options and I tell you first - my food has to be value for money and so presenting to you my hidden gems
Burpple Beyond Deals 💰 Burpple Beyond To-Tries Gathering em from my midnight food hunts 👁👁
Burpple Beyond Deals 💰, Others Meh It’s a no go for me, probably not coming back