$14.50 for roasted sesame salmon and it comes with a small bottle of kombucha of your choice.

The portion was huge & the salmon was really good! The pine nuts gave a good crunch and the sesame dressing wasn’t too overpowering.

Had to top up $1 since we couldn’t dine in, no complains bc burpple deal made it really worth for 2 sets.

Will definitely order more takeaway from this place, really hearty and healthy meal.

The Gut’s Feeling serves up hot and yummy healthy food! Really very worth it with the 1-for-1 deal. We tried the Beef ($15.90) which is really tender and flavourful, and the Salmon ($14.90) which is cooked to perfection! The side of mash purple sweet potato is tasty too! They serve a complimentary Kombucha tea for each main purchased, and it tasted amazing! Will definitely go back again even without Burpple deal. Kudos to the team, staff is knowledgeable, polite, attentive and very friendly!

Really liked this place alot. I will come here at least once a week for my wanton mee fix.

Pork lard is self service, so u can put as much as u want.

Oberworks ($18) - 2 eggs your style, streaky bacon, sausage, toast, mushrooms
Sriracha Honey Garlic Chicken Thigh ($17) - chicken thigh bone-in, pomme puree (mashed potatoes)
Pressed Apple Juice ($5.50)
Black Cold Brew ($6)

We wanted to have the Iberico Jowl Bowl and Wagyu Beef Bowl but they were unavailable. Might be a good idea to arrive not long after 11AM since they’re only available then! Any later and they might run out. This place had table service and self-serve water but ordering was at the counter. Food took about 15~20 mins to arrive on a Saturday afternoon at 2PM. Food was value for money with Beyond. Would definitely return for brunch food!

The braised pork and minced pork rice were legit. Everything in the photo cost less than 14 dollars. What a steal!

thanks to burpple beyond’s GREAT DEAL we had the Pork Chop and Sweet Potato Mash, Truffle Salmon Mac & Cheese, and the last thing on the egg menu (sorry we forgot)! wish we had room for the Truffle Fries :-( especially loved the Pork Chop as it was a surprising delight and ambience was lovely!!!

Loved this combination, healthy and filling at the same time. Eggs could be a tad less sweet though!

Honestly, I didn't expect much from the Angus Burger ($18.90+). That might have contributed to me being pleasantly surprised by it.

A juicy 120g beef patty that is flavourful but NOT salty, sandwiched in between 2 fluffy buns. Sautéed onions that add caramelised sweetness. Mushrooms that give it that earthy flavour. & sliced cheese - which, anticlimactically, was quite basic but somehow it works.

I happily chowed down on this; while it isn't the best burger ever, it delighted my tastebuds. However, I don't think I'd pay full price for this. But half price thanks to Eatigo via Shopback.... Sure!

💳 Accepts credit cards
🌬 Air-conditioned seats available
☀ Al fresco seats available
🖥 Accepts reservations - I used Eatigo via ShopBack
🙋🏻‍♀️ Service charge applicable
🚫 No GST

Lil' wonder why this is Amsterdam's most famous burger place. What less can you expect when the buns (sourced from Tiong Bahru Bakery) were toasted-to-crisp in an oven - no butter involved and what you get is the fragrant sesame aroma, crisp toast and not-at-all oily/cloying bun (Note: Some burger places grill it on the underside with butter). The beef patties were incredibly juicy and flavoursome - grilled only to medium, in line with Lombardo's motto "eating meat well done is like kissing your sister" (i.e. plain gross!) Here's featuring the Dutch Cheese Burger, topped with red wine onions which were incredibly appetising. If you're conscious of onion breath, you've little worries because onion-hater like me actually loved it because of it's onion-less 'stench'. They were well marinated and any possibility of 'onion' breath or bad onion after-taste was quelled. What you get, is really the sweet-tasting & crunch of the onions to complement the juicy beef patty. Also, the marinated tomatoes are worth of mention too - nothing like raw, boring tomato slices but marinated as well. I particularly love the whole-baby pickles. Yes - WHOLE pickles, baby sized - really cute and crunchy. Last but not least, the homemade burger sauce in orange is the winning concoction of their secret recipe - slight tangy and too secretive for me to be able to pinpoint other ingredients that had gone into it. All I can say is, it's the perfect combination to their perfect burger.

We learnt from our previous visit that they do their pasta better than their pizzas. This time, we ordered the Pancetta tortellini & Chef-special seafood marinara (tomato base). The Pancetta tortellini was extremely flavorful bc of the bacon oil (bacon fans will go gaga over this), but we felt that it was a tad bit too salty. The dish was good, but it could’ve been more enjoyable if there was an appropriate portion of tortellini to match the amount of bacon on the plate. We made a good decision to choose the seafood marinara to accompany our first dish because the lightness and sweetness of the tomato sauce was a refreshing break from the heavy/ salty pancetta tortellini. Perhaps the sauce could have been thicker and more tangy for it to be a stronger dish on its own. With that being said, there was a good amount of seafood on the plate which made it a bang for the buck 😊🤭👍🏻 the tiger prawns were also very succulent!

The whole bowl was very flavourful, with the eggs, bacon, yakiniku sauce and japanese rice making a good combination. Plentiful of rice hence very filling but the bacon could be more generous.

P/S: For BB, only 60 deg chicken breast, porky bowl and seafood aglio olio available to choose from the mains and only ice lemon tea and ginger lemonade available to choose from the drinks. Wish it could be extended to others as well...

However, the interior of the cafe is very aesthetically pleasing and one can easily spend the whole day there reading a book or just chilling!