Burgs🍔 and burppppppps!

Burgs🍔 and burppppppps!

Nothing like a scrumptious juicy burger to satisfy my sinful cravings for beef, pulled pork and juicy meats
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

My forever favourite from Rider’s! First recommended by then-boyfriend and now husband, there certainly is some degree of bias towards Rider’s burg. But hey, putting on an objective lens, it’s a decently priced burger (not too overly priced!), with juicy, succulent patty in just the right thickness. I love how fluffy the buns are too. I requested for the caramelised onions and thousand island to be served on the side. Otherwise, the standard burg comes with these condiments assembled within the burg. It’s served alongside a massive portion of fries as pictured!

There’s much hype over the 2022 National Day Special from McDonald’s and I can’t help but land my hands on one too. Sandwiched between fluffy, soft buns was a crispy prawn patty with succulent prawns - REAL prawns! I was quite surprised to find actual prawns (had expected minced prawns) in the patty instead. + a pretty thiccc sunny 🍳 that you find in their signature muffins. The burger came with laksa sauce to bring across the laksa taste. It was a good effort, and definitely wasnt a case of creativity / fusion gone wrong. However, it wasn’t as mind-blowing as the Nasi lemak burger or the Hainanese chicken burger from previous years. Worth one try!

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My new favourite burger chain! Fatburger has a pretty extensive selection of burgers on their menu. My only gripe would be the rather inconvenient location for most of their outlets. I tried the single original beef burger, served along with sweet potato fries. There wasn’t an option on the doneness of the patty - I guess it’s a standard that they’re all prepared well-done. I like how the patty was juicy and well seasoned - sufficiently thick for the oomph. The buns were fluffy and complemented the burg well. Veggies were standard and fresh - no special sauces, just mayo!


Prime burger (served medium rare), aged cheese, crispy onion ring, bacon, sweet baby rays bbq, mayo, served with a generous portion of freshly sliced fries fried to golden brown! The beef patty was exceptionally juicy and yummy - as one would have expected from a famed burger place. The portion size was huge! We love how the onion rings came in a massive size as well. It was evidently fried from fresh, 100% true onions (just take a look at what’s underneath the golden brown batter if you’re in doubt.) The same freshness can be said for the fries as well - they’re pretty much made from 100% potato (you can see potato skin on them!)

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Prime burger (served medium rare), American cheese, smoky pulled pork, special sauce, carolina bbq sauce - all served in a stack. Served with buttermilk slaw on top and huge portion of fries on the side. The ’special sauce’ resembled thousand island due to its orange hue and tasted somewhat similar too. Can’t quite put a description to it but nope - not tangy nor spicy but just.. creamy like thousand island. To be honest, I would have preferred a plain toasted bun as the protein, cheese and slaw provided much needed flavour in this dish! As for the massive portion of fries - they were pretty awesome! I appreciate how the fries were made from freshly sliced potatoes, with potato skin intact!

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Can I just say I truly love the burgs from five guys?! Sesame buns were fluffy and substantial, beef patty is juicy and thiccc. Special mention goes to the cheddar which never fail to ooze out from the corners of the burg. I like how you get to choose the kinda veggies you want. It’s kinda like subway, just tons more delish and calorific 😂 Also, I really really love five guys’ milkshake. They’re so, so, so sinfully thiccc

One of the best pulled-pork burgs I've had! Love how it's more smoked than marinated (y'know how some restaurants enhance the flavour of pulled pork through marinades, rather than authentic smoking). Can't go wrong meats from a smokehouse! Special mention to the potato-y brioche bun that reminds me that of Shack shack's - a lil' thicccker and wholesome. Tip: Costs only $10 if you preorder online through MeatSmith express!

It was a blessing in disguise when my go-to-option of cheese burger was oos! Decided to be a lil' adventurous and was glad we decided on the beef brisket burger! Perfectly smoked and tenderlicious - slides off in chunks! Of course, that meant a fair amount of gooey fats that added flavour to the meat. The pickles and sauces by the side were great accompaniments that complemented the simple-looking burger, leaving the star of the show to brisk in its glory! Tip: Costs only $10 if you preorder online through MeatSmith express!

My heart lurched when the cashier informed that there's no 'doneness' selection available for the burgs - all comes fully cooked! I was apprehensive - how good can a burger with fully cooked beef patty be (with the exception of Mcds' and Shake shack's)? I was taken by surprise! My initial disappointment was made up with the extra chunk beef patty, cooked to tenderness and retained some of the juiciness too! Thankfully it wasnt overcooked and dry (phew). I wish there was more cheese and flavoursome tomato relish tho. The tomato relish tasted like pasta sauce out from the bottle - a boo to any good burgers. Otherwise, a pretty decently priced meal! Available on burpple beyond 1-1!

4/5 for the bun
2.5/5 for the pork chop

Polo was crusty, airy and fluffy! Kept at a very affordable price of $1.70 - it's pocket friendly compared to the ones sold at Joy Luck, Champion Polo. I've yet tried the ones from Joy or Champion - would think they're best devoured with just a thiccc slab of butter. For the sandwich-style, I suppose the Polo quality here is fairly decent. No complaints!

Slightly disappointing tho, was the extremely oily and overcooked pork chop. It was soaked in oil, with oil 'collected' on a sad piece of green lettuce that was eventually cast aside because I couldn't bring myself to stomach an oil-soaked lettuce. It was seasoned with what resembled wuxiang powder. It wasnt the best tasting pork chop I've had. It was also tough and it took quite a great deal of effort slicing it!
I'd probably go for the char siew version next time!

That’s $10! Real juicy patty with caramelised onions. From this cross-section, you can tell it’s not an overly processed frozen patty that’s mass-produced.

The buns - seeded and fluffy, it’s brioche!
The onions - caramelised, not raw and ‘thrown in’ for the aesthetics
The cheese - American cheddar! Just like McDonald’s!
The pickles - added that tangy crunch!

It’s definitely a place I’d revisit even without Burpple beyond (oh yes, this is totally a steal with Burpple 1-1)
Can’t wait to try their rice bowls some day!

‘am pleasantly surprised by the amazing quality of this neighbourhood burger! Friendly price ($10 u.p), made friendlier with Burpple beyond 1-1 deal.

Love how the buns are fluffy and seeded - y’know it’s not the Hamburger buns from supermarket buns. Appreciate how details go into the bun, the fillet (frozen but not cheap frozen - there’s flakes within the fillet piece, evidence of some real fish in there!) Fans of macdonald’s fillet-O will be happy to know that they use the same American cheddar cheese (again, not supermarket budget brand cheddar cheeses)! Also, I love the tanginess of the pickles added into the bun!

Each burger comes with a portion of shoestring fries. Pretty much taste like McDonald’s fries without salt. Love burger surprises like this!

‘Girl is sore when ‘affordable’ burgs tastes like sth I can easily assemble after a supermarket grocery haul.

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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