heALtH IS WEaLTh 🥂

heALtH IS WEaLTh 🥂

JusT StuFF like açai & AvoCado ToaSts 🥑
Ayps  April
Ayps April

$14.50 for roasted sesame salmon and it comes with a small bottle of kombucha of your choice.

The portion was huge & the salmon was really good! The pine nuts gave a good crunch and the sesame dressing wasn’t too overpowering.

Had to top up $1 since we couldn’t dine in, no complains bc burpple deal made it really worth for 2 sets.

Will definitely order more takeaway from this place, really hearty and healthy meal.

Pesto sauce went rly well w the toast!! Had poached eggs and it had a really nice 00ze to it! Definitely returning to this place to have brunch 🤙🏻

📌my go to place to grab yummy and healthy food!!

The cauliflower fried rice was okay, chicken was a little dry but ya since it’s supposed to be healthy I’m not complaining much. The kungpao chicken was rly flavourful!! Cashew nuts gave the dish a nice crunch.


👋🏻💰Pretty pricey $9.30 if I’m not wrong.

🍓Realised that it’s less ice-y than the açai served at açai affair. OG but I do prefer açai affair as they’re more generous w their drizzles and toppings.

🤙🏻Back here again and I can’t get over how g00d their alm0nd drizzle is!¡

📌Back here again!! Wanted to try the tahini brussell sprouts toast and I guess it’s p tasty

The tahini rly complements the taste of the Brussels sprouts. The Brussels sprouts were nutty and savoury and the consistency of the tahini was rly creamy and smooth.
Might not be for everyone as Brussels sprouts are kinda bitter.

📌goT thE AcAi flAvoUred soFt SerVe & it wAs rlY SAtisFying!! 🤪 toPped off w peAnuT drIzzlE & fRozEn bLueBs + chIa SEeD PUddiN &&&& bAnANa

8.50 pEr reG. cUp so BurPplE bEyonD mAde iT rLy wOrth!!

BrOke UnderGRaD EatIN GwED 🤙🏻🤙🏻

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