“Adventure is worthwhile.”- Aesop
Discovered a new place in the Solaris Mont Kiara area.
It’s actually comprises of a fusion of European and also Asian flavours and ingredients! There were a lot well thought out dishes which shows the care and passion given by the chef to curate the menu and it’s dishes..

Tried out the Pulled Burrata & tomatoes (RM29) as the starter and the portions here are of a reasonable size for 1 person to savour and enjoy! The burrata was fresh, silky and creamy with a touch of acidity from the sweet cherry tomatoes and also slight bitterness from the olive oil! This dish goes well with a dry and high acid white wine like a glass of Gavi or Pinot Grigio from Italy

What is Reka? It’s a Malay word which brings you the meaning of create! And that is what this latest bar that exhibits a strong science lab vibe with a long bar that welcomes you at the front of the room and brings you the relaxing and homey vibes too! Once you’re seated there’s a menu presented with the concept of the bar and it revolves around a continuation of flavours combination that will be highlighted in specific colours and you can see it on certain ingredients in the descriptions that will be their inspiration for the next drink. This is known as The Domino Effect! It is an interesting and at times mind blowing on how the flavour combination would able to work! The drink I had was called Better Together and it is quite balanced with the flavours of gin and the Sherry with some hints fruitiness of the papaya and that acidity coming from the Tomato and calamansi juice. It is a very refreshing drink to start the night with!

Noodles has always been the magical food that brings us joy in every slurp! In the ever populated foodie destination of KL; Pavilion there lies a newbie in town called Ho Min San.. This is a noodles restaurant that features a wide variation of noodles interpretation from all regions of China and even the Shanghainese version of pork dumplings! Yes you heard me right; this place is non-halal so there’s oodles of pork in their food and options of toppings featured on their menu.. I tried their Pork Noodles with signature broth (RM16) which is actually from their special option of create your own noodles with 2 toppings! Here you are given a QR code to place the food order via your phone.. Then it only requires a short wait for your food to arrive to your table! The portion is relatively sufficient for one but you can opt to have their scrumptious and tantalising sides if you have room for it or even their Chinese influences desserts which surely will give you the harmonious balance of Chi.. The broth is really flavourful yet warming that it goes well with the MiXian noodles and the pork wonton are delicious with the right amount of juicy meat wrapped with that thin skin of wonton..


It has a pistachio nuts being in the roulade that has a relatively moist interior and crispy exterior.. This pork roulade will go well with a Kamptal Gruner Veltliner #afoodiesaffairs #austrianwines #winepairing #yutkee #burpple

Have that sudden craving of something Spicy and crunchy with a Mexican flare to it! In uptown, there is an eatery which has replaced the old Hail’s dessert with that fiery Mexican fun, full of spice and flavours named Orale! This has made the waves around town with its pulled beef burrito and the carne asada burrito! Their other feature is the Bella’s Beef Nachos (RM13) which is a fan favourite in this restaurant! It’s a perfect sharing portion for 2-3 friends alongside those fantastic burritos or taco! This Bella’s Beef is a feisty bowl of crunchy deep fried taco chips layered with generous amounts of smoked ground beef that was laced with a sumptuous coating of spices that make you want to dive in more and to topped it all of; it was showered even more decadently with a thick layer of melted cheese and those citrusy diced tomatoes, cucumber and onions that just ties this song of flavour together in your mouth!

In the Hub SS2 lies a cozy and quaint little cafe in the same row as the Pints & Putts & Popo steamboat; Kooky Cream.. This cafe has a very strong minimalist vibe with very minimal decor and it is surrounded with long communal tables, small round tables and cozy furniture with fluffy pillows for you to linger with their endless choices of homemade desserts! They have a wide array of baked goods like earl grey burnt cheesecake, flourless matcha cake, crunchy cookies that you can top with the choices of Haagen Dazs ice cream and their countless combination of cool icy desserts! So we had their Seriously Matcha (RM16) which just nicely portion for 1 person to eat or to share with other cakes.. In terms of presentation, it does resembles a little like the ice kacang but with the green and white hues that was sprinkled with some soft and gelatinous cubes of matcha.. It maybe overwhelming to many unless you are a matcha lover! The texture of the ice was quite fine and it has a fine balance between finely shaved and the slight texture of grainy to it that is nice to be enjoyed slowly on its own or together with the soft matcha cubes..

It has a pistachio nuts being in the roulade that has a relatively moist interior and crispy exterior.. This pork roulade will go well with a Kamptal Gruner Veltliner #afoodiesaffairs #austrianwines #winepairing #yutkee #burpple

Sky Avenue has this place which features those feisty creatures under the sea and it is just super yummy when you cook it right! Well it’s the Burger & Lobster of course! This place is truly a magnet for locals and tourist alike to make it a must visit destination in their books.. The line just never ends so please be prepared to wait patiently for those crustaceans for at least 45minutes to 1 hour.. Their menu is really made up just burgers and lobsters with the burgers featuring both the lobster and meat burger like the B&L and the Mayfair and also their main attractions which is the Lobsters! You can actually choose the cooking method of steamed or grilled and it’s preferably to share if you aren’t a big eater.. There is something special called the Big Boys which are a huge version of their fellow ordinary size friends but with a hefty price tag and it’s truly recommended to share! This time I opted for their Original Lobster Roll (RM138) which is basically lobster meats poached and seasoned with Japanese mayo and cilantro enclosed to a toasted brioche bun but bare in mind that the meat is served chilled so please request if you want it warm up.. Overall, the lobster roll was nice; the meat is well cooked and seasoned but the drawback was the thickness and heaviness of the Japanese mayo was too overpowering to the light and refreshing lobster meats that it sort of drown it alittle..

Pizza fever is everywhere in KL and PJ! You would find somewhere new mushrooming for pizza and people will flock there to get a taste of that mighty slice just like how they react with the latest fad of Boba! In the foodie place known as the Happy Mansion in PJ, you would find a quaint little pizzeria selling and churning home made and mighty fine slice of Pizza! The interior is really homey and comfortable but do bare in mind that you have to patiently wait for a table as those empty seats will be filled faster than they can bus those empty plates.. The menu is still relatively small but they have a mixture of those good ol’classics with the adventurous flavour combination that would intrigue you even more! So we actually tried 2 pizza flavours and they are in 12 inches.. We ordered the Margherita (RM26) which is a staple and classic go to flavour for any Italian pizzeria.. initially we were abit worried about how big will it turn out as we had experienced some that are quite filling but after a short wait; we finally get to meet that lovely queen of pizza and notice that they are actually thin crust pizza.. You can either opt to eat with your fingers or with cutleries but we opted for the former and ate it like how the Americans eat it.. The first bite of that pizza was heavenly! The dough was really light and it has that fluffy texture to it and it was enjoyable to eat it! The sauces wasn’t evenly distributed exactly but it was such a lovely pairing between the sweetness and the acidity of the passata, the mild creamy texture of the cheese and the beautiful aromatic fresh basil leaf being sprinkled on top of the slice! The combination was lovely just that we wished the cheese would have more punchier notes to compliment that passata.. Overall it was pure deliciousness in every bite and the cheese pull was there in every bite and it doesn’t make you feel bloated! So you will have room for another slice or even another order of pizza! They currently have craft beers ranging from RM25-30 but slowly they will integrate some wine glasses in the future or even some vino into the menu! They have some interesting sides like the Truffle Mac & Cheese which seems to be a crowd favourite.. A must try place!

Ramen has won the hearts of many foodies worldwide! Usually you would find the ramen to be made with a creamy, thick and full of flavour consists of Pork bones including the pork slices which is truly rich yet heartwarming that just makes everyone satisfied especially during the winter months in Japan! But now slowly, the world are getting more health conscious and so they started introducing the option to chicken made ramen.. They have a few options from their original shio to a category called extreme which has a thicker and richer broth and it is their signature ramen broth!
Initially, we were hesitant as the heavy and rich texture of the soup would be hard to achieve with chicken but from this ramen shop, it was a well balanced soup with slight heavy texture on the mouthfeel.. I had the Toripaitan Shio Egg Chien (RM17.40) which has a rich broth and there were a few options but I opted for the one with half boiled egg! The noodle texture was on the soft kind and the broth was quite flavourful without the massive heavy texture.. You can opt for the spicy broth if you are into more spice in your ramen

Kakigori has became the fab desserts that everyone loves to have during a hot summers day! This smooth cloud texture shaved ice dessert originates from Japan that was introduced in the 11th century made for the wealthy! This shaved ice dessert is rather similar to our Malaysian favourite ABC ice kacang that has the same concept of shaved ice that is being flavoured with vibrant colours of syrup, coconut milk and assorted toppings ranging from sweet corns to stewed red beans..
The latest addition of the Kakigori flavour would be the Iron Lady Tea from the After Meal dessert in Uptown. For me personally this is a refreshing take on the Kakigori by infusing Chinese tea into it considering the Japanese would include Matcha into it. This Kakigori (RM20) from After Meal is really amazing as the texture of the shaved ice is really fine, fluffy texture that is similar to a texture of the snow and the flavour of the Iron Lady tea wasn’t over powering as they managed to fine tune the balance between the floral notes, smokey taste and the sweetness from the chewy brown sugar pearls and the stewed red beans! This was truly enjoyable to have on a hot day! The taste and texture evolves gradually in every spoonful and it was just a joy to have it after a heavy dinner!

Koreans are just flying with success in every venture they do! The latest fad would be their rendition of a Tiramisu ice cream or soft serve.. They currently have 2 outlets now one in Sunway Pyramid and the latest opening is at Midvalley Mall.. It is situated opposite of Good Monster booth.. There isn’t much seating area as it is a really compact space which is perfect for grab and go! They have a very straightforward and easy menu that focuses on the main thing soft serve but you can try it out in different variations.. So we had their signature which is the Original Tiramisu Ice Cream (RM12.90) which looks quite photogenic with its layers of toppings underneath and topped off with a serving of creamy soft serve and heavy dusting of cocoa powder! In terms of taste, it was a decent Tiramisu soft serve as you may get choke from that dusting of cocoa powder that was unfortunately bitter and wasn’t mill to a fine texture.. The soft serve was decent with a slight acidity and creamy texture to it which reminds you of a froyo and the topping was hidden underneath and you only get to enjoy those crunchy bites after you finish the layer of softserve.. It wasn’t much of an explosion of a flavour that instantly reminds you of an Italian Tiramisu