Sky Avenue has this place which features those feisty creatures under the sea and it is just super yummy when you cook it right! Well it’s the Burger & Lobster of course! This place is truly a magnet for locals and tourist alike to make it a must visit destination in their books.. The line just never ends so please be prepared to wait patiently for those crustaceans for at least 45minutes to 1 hour.. Their menu is really made up just burgers and lobsters with the burgers featuring both the lobster and meat burger like the B&L and the Mayfair and also their main attractions which is the Lobsters! You can actually choose the cooking method of steamed or grilled and it’s preferably to share if you aren’t a big eater.. There is something special called the Big Boys which are a huge version of their fellow ordinary size friends but with a hefty price tag and it’s truly recommended to share! This time I opted for their Original Lobster Roll (RM138) which is basically lobster meats poached and seasoned with Japanese mayo and cilantro enclosed to a toasted brioche bun but bare in mind that the meat is served chilled so please request if you want it warm up.. Overall, the lobster roll was nice; the meat is well cooked and seasoned but the drawback was the thickness and heaviness of the Japanese mayo was too overpowering to the light and refreshing lobster meats that it sort of drown it alittle..