Japanese, Rainy Day Comforts, Ramen Ramen Dreams Always thinking of ramen? Follow me on my relentless hunt for the best kind.
Burger, Interesting Burgers are my Nemesis The hunt for the best burger in town. The struggle is ongoing and is REAL!
Rainy Day Comforts Fried things A compilation of my favourite deep fried delights. Sinful? Yes, but I no no other way to comfort myself...
Wishlist Always on the hunt for better grub. This is an ever-growing list of places I would love to visit. Take me out, would you? 😝
Dishes That Left Me In Shambles Basically a list of dishes that have had so much hype shrouding them, but only to be greeted by the sound of broken dreams when lifted to my lips.
Must Trys A smorgasbord of dishes that have tickled my fancy and made it into my good books.