All ingredients are priced at $2.88 per 100g. Including meats, seafoods, veggies and noodles. Choose from 3 flavours options: mix mala (dry), beef stock (soup), tomato flavour (soup) with little, medium & extra spicy.

I ordered beef stock Mala Tang, the taste of the soup has a hint of sweetness and blend to tanginess of of the spices.

Overall satisfaction 8.5


Ordered Beef Slice Med $9.90 + $2.50 to make it a meal set. Set comes with 2 mini spring rolls & drink tea/coffee/lemongrass. Give a hot lemongrass less sweet a shot, it’s quite comforting.

Pho taste quite good, the only thing is service was very slow. Been sitting quite a while, didn’t been served a drink. I have to asked few times, and yet to find out they made hot drinks by putting it up in Microwave. What a surprise 🤭


Accidentally came across this place, run by Korean couple with a very friendly assistant (an old uncle). He recommended me a must-try foods and help me narrow down selections from the menu. Weekend buffet is price at $27.90++, reservation is needed as they normally pack with diners.

I’d recommend these items to order:
• kimchi (normal)
• onion-cucumber pickle 💕
• pork belly garlic marinated
• beef ribeye
• beef bulgogi
• takoyaki
• jap chae 💕
• tteok bokki 💕
• cheese
• butter
• sesame oil + salt pepper sauce
• watermelon

Overall satisfaction is 8.5.
Total bill for 2 persons at Sunday lunch $61.38

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I came across Tanjong Pagar neighbourhood, so decided to have dinner at Tanjong Pagar Food Center level 2. Not much stall open at night, so you left with a few choices only.

Seems Thai Food would be a good choice, however when I ask for recommendations from the lady owner, her reply was so unpleasant. Everything nice! I don’t know what you want, with ignorant face. I was surprised of her reply and decided to pick Thai Fried Rice on the spot.

She pointing her finger to 2018 Michelin Food Badge in front of her stall, and proudly brag. Honestly, heck care if you have what?

The fried rice is below my expectations, lack of flavour and the side meat is cold and turned hard. The score for the food is 7/10. And the service 4/10.

Overall experience is 5.5/10.
I wouldn’t want to visit this stall again.

[King Lobster Nasi Lemak] Although they’re famous for lobster 🦞 nasi lemak, I will go with default option. The rice used is Basmati rice. Honest opinion: it tasted average. Crave nasi lemak did a better job in terms of taste.

Whenever I’m on leave at weekdays, I will try to not miss the tea time at Paradise Dynasty chain restaurant for a quick yum cha. 40% off applicable for dim sum, la mien, desserts.

My fave is pan-fried pumpkin pastry $4.50. Love it, love it 🥰 the radish pastry $6.80 also nice.

A tasty Nutella banana churros. As you can see from picture, the churros is folded into a round shape with nutella & choco sauce in the middle. The dough is soft to bite, and it has the right amount of sweetness. But I find it quite pricey for $5.50 😌

Uhh..this one is my new favourite snack at Vivocity, located at B1. The lady is Korean, she and her daughter running the shop.

She gave generous amount of mozzarella cheese on top of my baked sweet potato 🍠.With a butter layer as a base, it’s been fire torched till the cheese melted 🤤

This place is located at the end of Liang Seah Street at junction of Beach Road 101. Their menu selection is huge and quality of their meat is above average. I was surprised for $24.90 you can get free flow of oysters, crabs, scallops, bamboo clam, baby squids, etc.

Not a typical hotpot where they give you low grade of meat. Their meat quality is above average. Especially the crab leg is BIG!!

The soup has extra charge $6, but it’s worth it. Best is mala & herbal chicken soup together.

The buffet also come with free flow skewers and drinks. Except canned drinks, it’s an extra $2.

All in all, it’s an impressive menu & tasty buffet 👍🏼

Located at level 2 Amoy Food Center, this stall was introduced by my ex-colleague. The tiramisu muffin has a cheese surprise inside and it’s my favourite choice. Nice to end your meal with a sweet note.

I went with deep fried prawn, chicken skin, shoyu karaage & pork. A bed of Japanese rice with tori Q sauce, seaweed & pickled. A satisfying portion and ideal for a quick fix to Japanese rice craving.

Whenever I need a kind of soupy comfort food, this stall is on top of my mind. Located at level 1 Amoy Food Center, a bowl of noodle is priced at $4-$6. The soup is flavourful with generous amount of minced meat. The chopped chili padi with fish sauce adding a spicy salty flavour to your noodle.