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Cory Meilany
Cory Meilany

A tasty Nutella banana churros. As you can see from picture, the churros is folded into a round shape with nutella & choco sauce in the middle. The dough is soft to bite, and it has the right amount of sweetness. But I find it quite pricey for $5.50 😌

Uhh..this one is my new favourite snack at Vivocity, located at B1. The lady is Korean, she and her daughter running the shop.

She gave generous amount of mozzarella cheese on top of my baked sweet potato 🍠.With a butter layer as a base, it’s been fire torched till the cheese melted 🤤

Located at level 2 Amoy Food Center, this stall was introduced by my ex-colleague. The tiramisu muffin has a cheese surprise inside and it’s my favourite choice. Nice to end your meal with a sweet note.

Never expected such a winner compared to KFC. The skin is crispy and one pcs of fried chicken is packed with meat. I like the seasoning flavour on the outer chicken. 1 for $3.5 and 2 for $6.5 is quite reasonable price.

Dropped by the shop and the batch hasn’t ready. So I reserve 2pcs of chicken pie and collect later. 1pm sharp, upon collection the chicken pie is still hot and soft smoke coming up from the pie 🥧

The outer skin is soft crisp & flaky. The filling inside is creamy & tasty. Satisfaction guaranteed!

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a piece of creamy and soo goood ice cream 🍦 at the heart of Kampong Glam. This store is side by side with Konditori, the famous bakery shop.
Lickety opened till late 11pm (Fri & Sat). For those who wants to close their meal on a sweet note, this place is a perfect choice.

First time, tried their ice cream egglet waffle 🧇 with 1 flavour ice cream + 1 topping at $8.90 which is good enough for me & my husband to share. Best is to have mix a mix waffle (buttermilk & red velvet), so you have the best world. My hubby likes dark angel - choco ice cream.

Although it’s not cheap, but worth the money.
Leave Kampong Glam with a smile in your tummy.

Forget about your waistline, time to enjoy sweet treat during holiday season. This brownies has a middle layer of caramel sauce which will double your sugar intake. As long as you consume this a small portion a day, it should be fine.

Best to consume after 15 mins out from the fridge, when the brownie texture has been soften.

Totally fell in love with this bomb durian puff. It was well made with durian creme filling so creamy and delicious 😋

Love this banana fritter, given the taste and texture. It’s slight crisp at the outer casing but soft melt in your mouth kind when you bite. The banana itself is ripped and tasted sweet. Perfect pair with black coffee or hot tea.

The taste quite substandard, not appetising. Overall quite bland and very thick texture. The young lady staff with spectacles was quite ignorant towards customers. Perhaps either she’s lack of training or just simply doesn’t care much.

When I entered the shop, which inside was empty, nobody at all. She looked at me & ignored my presence. Doesn’t even ask what I want to order. I have to waited in front for quite a while then suddenly new customer go in and she greeted the 2nd customer what she’s like to order.

It was like “whatt, are you blind I’m here waiting for you?”

Given the dessert prep time is way too long + taste also substandard + ignorant customer service. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to dine here.

The bakery located at Boon Keng MRT station B1, it’s quite convenient for a quick bite. Tried cheese tofu at the cafe, since I’m curious about the taste. They said they use real tofu blend with cheese cream. Taste wise is very light, not jelak kind. Healthier choice for those who love cheesecake.

However if you ask me if I would buy it again, perhaps not. As it doesn’t have any ‘wah’ factor. Just an ordinary tofu cheesecake.

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The pastry is good but expensive. The orh nee croissant cube priced at $6, it’s small yet memorable in terms of taste. Crispy at the outside and soft at the inside. The exterior is covered by flaky layered pastry skin and the interior is filled with soft and chill yam paste. It’s quite contrast in texture.

The coffee surprisingly affordable at $2.8 for Kopi O. Good pair with a sweet pastry.

A lady who constantly in the lookout for a good coffee and always go on adventure to find tasty food

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