One of the better nasi padang I ever had. There were so many dishes that I could choose from, every dish in that store was so tempting. I ordered the combination of Sambal Goreng, Brinjial Balado and the BBQ chicken. Each dish has it's own unique taste and it's just a burst of flavours when you put everything together.
Tip: order the tahur telur, you will be surprised and taken away by how good this side dish is.


Casper at Boon Keng has always been my favourite if I need some home cooked style zichar. This time ; I like to introduce their hot plate sambal sotong. For oversea viewers- sotong is Malay term for squid.

Chefs at Casper made their own sambal chilli which is tangy and spicy.

I like the fact that their squid are cooked just right which is chewy but not rubbery. To elevate the flavour; they added banana leaf in the hot plate and that really brings out aroma that was pleasing. This dish alone is worthy of double sharing of rice and price is reasonable.

Opens daily - 11.30am onwards

Possibly the best dumplings I’ve had in Singapore, with soft, thin, silky skins swathed around nuggets of finely minced pork. Doused in vinegar and chilli oil, topped off with dollops of Sichuan chilli paste, you’d expect a blast of sharp, piquant flavour, but the reality is hardly that. Rather, the sauce is surprisingly light and mildly spicy, with just a slight tang such that it complements instead of overpowering the taste of the meat itself.

A set of 10 of dumplings costs only $4.50. You’ll find the stall located in the middle row of Alexandra Village Food Centre.

I’m definitely willing to go back and brave the (well-deserved) queue to try their xiao long bao and guo tie!


The avocado chocolate ganache $9.50 is something different from the normal smoothie and the signature avocado rhapsody slice $6.50 is yummy! Definitely worth the calories.


Evidently an establishment that takes customer feedback seriously since this dish tasted amazing after the previous feedback. Fresh meaty prawns with an amalgamation of lip smacking spices, the highlight was in fact in the prawn head which was all kinds of umami and none of the bitterness. Top 3 gambas al ajillo I've had for sure

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Only available until 30th April in celebration of their 8th birthday in Japan.

Just look at that generous fillings of matcha!! Rich, thick & gooey texture ❤

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It may be called Fat Monkeys, but the owner certainly ain’t monkeying around when it comes to the quality of his food. Situated at the back of the same coffeeshop as Ponggol Nasi Lemak, Fat Monkeys serves up Fish Two Ways ($9.90 nett). It sees two humongous battered fish fillets deep fried to perfection, and served with black pepper sauce and chili crab sauce. A salad and a whole heap of fries complete the hearty ensemble.

The duo of delicious, deep fried golden brown fish fillets are flaky and magnificently moist, while the chili crab sauce is actually packs heat, unlike many others. Savory, sweet and tangy, the chili crab sauce got me just wanting the raw sauce, no ketchup. Plus, there’s even real crab meat in there. The black pepper sauce was no slouch too, as the black pepper within wasn’t overpowering and the sauce was rather pleasant.

In the savage (concrete) jungle that is western hawker food, Fat Monkeys are gonna make some fat stacks if they continue to churn out such fantastic food.


$4.50 portion with chilli. Char siew (sweet roast pork) slice cut fresh in the morning. Springy skinny egg noodles coated with aromatic sauce after blanched. Found three dumplings and five wanton in the bowl of soup. Green vegetables adds the value. Really awesome. Level 2 stall.


A must-go eatery if you are in Tampines! Just a short walk away from Tampines MRT station, FPC seafood is a cozy eatery with a friendly lady boss who always greets me with a big smile! Each dish is made with loads of love and sincerity by the male chef boss!

Their fried chicken strips and pineapple slices are a match made in heaven! Although they are fried, the chicken strips are not greasy at all! Check the lettuce leaf underneath the chicken - no oil stain! Don’t forget to dip the chicken in the home-made plum sauce! Yum yum!! Their fried chicken in salted egg sauce is also another favourite of mine!

You know you have chanced upon a great eatery when they serve you 排骨王 (sweet sour pork chop) that’s tender with perfectly caramelised sauce!

Oh don’t forget to order their hor fun! Do a
takeaway if possible as it tastes even better after the hor fun has taken a soak in the sauce! My parents said the hor fun reminded them of the delicious hor fun they had when they were young!

This hidden gem at Blk 267 is very much like my second home, except their food is much more delicious :)) Make your way there now!!!


This pasta is just amazing! Felt like I died and went to crab meat pasta heaven

Other than being spoilt by the abundance of crab meat, the pasta was really well made as well - great texture and flavor..every mouthful just sends shivers down my tummy..I'd kill for another plate

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Rather than a stir-fry, this laksa just had its gravy concentrated to a thick sauce. That just meant more intense flavors, which I totally loved. I also liked the addition of a lime to stimulate my appetite. Lots of liao inside, and I counted 4 fresh prawns. I almost licked the bowl.

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Okay Koo kee totally needs some air time here. We all love yong tau foo but honestly nothing comes close to Koo kee YTF. The noodle reminds of Kolo mee, a dish you get in Sarawak. Plus it pairs so well to the ingredients. I smother a generous amount of chilli and ketchup available at the shop, on my noodle. Just. So. Awesome.
Works well for every meal ♥️