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🌟Burpple's Review of the Day🌟

🌟Burpple's Review of the Day🌟

Featured reviews from Burpple's forever hungry community! #BurppleRotD
Burpple (Singapore)
Burpple (Singapore)
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the real KFC

This somewhat hidden gem in Katong serves up a decent selection of no-frills Korean comfort food. If 'chimaek' is what you're here for, the Yang Nyum fried chicken ($16 for half, $32 for whole) is indeed finger licking good, doused in a generous serving of delectable sweet & spicy sauce (more sweet than spicy though), and crunchy chopped peanuts. One thing to note is that each portion comes with quite a lot of breast meat, so go for the mid joint wings ($10-$12 for 7) if that's more up your alley!

I didn't fancy the bland Original fried chicken ($14 for half/$28 for whole), but you should go for the Soy fried chicken (unpictured), boasting a honeyed crispy exterior and tender meat. Best washed down with a bottle of Hite, of course. 😋

Pork Ribs With Signature Hickory Sauce

This is my second time coming here, I was super satisfied by the quality, price of the food and the ambience at this place during my first visit. As usual, the staffs here were very friendly and I was greeted as soon as I went in. As I have tried their steak before, I decided to try their ribs since I have heard a lot of good reviews about their ribs. First impression of the ribs was that it looks damn delicious, the meat looks like it will fall off the bone easily. I wasn't disappointed when I start to pull the meat off the bone, it was very very well cooked and was extremely tender, the meat totally fall off the bone easily. The meat was also very flavourful, every bite that I took, I could taste the sauce used. This place is definitely a go-to place if you want to find quality steak or ribs with affordable prices. Overall, I would come back again to try more of their dishes!

Have I been living under a rock??

Never knew of this famous #yakitori place till today and it just amazed me with its value-for-money set lunch! For $13.80, you get 5 of their signature yakitori (quails eggs, chicken & leek, bacon-wrapped asparagus, meatballs and minced meat wrapped in shiso leaf) with rice, grilled mushrooms (which were so juicy and delicious btw) and minced meat on rice which kinda reminded me of Taiwanese 卤肉饭. You even get a bowl of miso soup and an azuki red bean dessert on the side! Now if this is not the most affordable, filling and TASTY lunch, I don't know what is! #burpple #japanese #bento

Ondeh-Ondeh Cake

I was a little skeptical when we ordered this cake because I don't usually eat the ondeh-ondeh kueh itself. But I was so wrong and it blew my mind away. The texture of the cake was soft and fluffy. Coated with a reasonable thick layer of coconut flakes, the taste of the cake was well complemented along with the layers of gula melaka. The gula melaka itself was crunchy and sweet which added more texture to the cake. A scoop of vanilla ice-cream was served together with the cake so that it adds more flavour to the cake. The sweetness of the cake was not too overpowering and it was just the way I like the level of sweetness to be. The owner of the cafe came up to us and asked if everything was alright. He was very approachable and I could definitely see his sincerity when he went around to the other tables to check on the other diners. Overall the service was great!
Price: $8.00

特上 和牛丼 Premium Wagyu Don

Wagyu beef , foie gras , uni , ikura , black truffle ,
onsen egg with truffle soy sauce

Packed with all my favourite ingredients! The beef was definitely premium and was so well marinated and cooked to perfection - tender and flavourful. The fried slices of garlic were crispy and fragrant. Every mouthful was bursting with different textures and flavours. The foie gras was cut into cubes and pan fried to a beautiful consistency - a little charred on the outside but melts in the mouth. The uni, best i had in SG, so creamy & fresh, and generous with the serving too! I TOTALLY LOVED this!!! Made my afternoon so HAPPY!!! #happybelly

Reminiscing the awesome taste on my taste buds makes me hungry again!!

Feast For The Stomach And The Eyes

Run by a Father Son duo, this is one of my absolute favourite stall to patronise at Amoy, though I still can't tell if it's a fishball noodle stall or bak chor mee stall. Signboard say fishball noodle but they gave a generous amount of minced meat. Noodles were q, fishballs and fish cakes were chewy; they got the tomato and vinegar combination right down to the perfect ratio, giving the perfect balance between sweet and sour as well as a layer of oil over your lips. Oh and did I say the man cooking this bowl of chewy goodness is a hunk? 😎 No wonder there's always a snaking queue during lunch time. Feast for the eyes 😏

Toasted French Loaf with Kaya and Butter

This coffeeshop is known for the coin prata but its other treasures include this toasted French loaf with kaya and butter and the chicken rice stall run by a young couple. I looooove this toast - the crusty exterior yields easily to fluffy and soft bread slathered with just the right amount of butter and kaya. The French loaves are not always available - they are delivered in the mid to late morning I believe. And bring tissue - butter dripping onto your hands is almost a sure thing.

My Sweet Belly

Oh my this dish was the absolute winner for me that night. I usually steer clear of this type of pork belly cos they would be either too fatty or porky taste too strong. But I'd read so many good reviews about this dish that I had to have it. Seriously this one was the best I ever had. The meat fat ratio was perfect and it was melt in the mouth tender. No porky taste at all! Just the sweet savory sauce that was so good I licked up every drop. I love that this place opens till late.

Marutama Ramen

Price: $12??

THIS MADE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH CHICKEN BROTH RAMEN!! I'm not a really really a fan of pork broth coz abit jelat to finish the soup.. (i am ok with it lah, i still love it just that some broth really too thick for me to handle). But this chicken broth one was soooo savoury and not jelat at all??? I finished the whole bowl myself 🙃 i love the type of noodles (hakata style) they use as well.

Green Tea Udon With Sukiyaki Beef

The udon was very chewy with good flavours bursting through my mouth. The soup was simply delicious and got me drooling for the entire day. At last, the beef. It was juicy and tender. Not much fats were on it and it melted in my mouth. Overall, one of the best udon restaurant in Singapore. I will definitely recommend it to someone.👍👍👍🐳🐳🐳

Cheap And Good!

I've tried the prawn aglio olio ($7.90) and the mushroom+crab angel hair pasta ($6.50 inclusive of the added egg). Both are good! Didn't know I can get good french food in raffles place area for under $8. Really value for money! The queues are short and preparation time is quick, so there's no need to wait too long. Just need to "chope" seats at this crowded foodcourt.