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🌟Burpple's Review of the Day🌟

🌟Burpple's Review of the Day🌟

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Burpple (Singapore)
Burpple (Singapore)
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The chicken meat was succulent and tender! Not really a fan of claypot rice cause it can be a bit too dry for me at times but the ingredients are if quality and they are quite generous with the meat and chinese sausage. Would recommend this place if you're a fan of claypot rice:)

Decided to give it a try when we saw it came in a relatively small portion (so we could get other food as well) and I have to say, not too bad a bowl! 🙌🏼 Initially disappointed that the broth lacked much spice, but after I paired it with the chilli, the spice really exploded in my mouth and elevated it's taste! A good choice if you're craving laksa but don't want to go overboard! 🙈 So glad that we decided to go all the way down to Ghim Moh for a new hawker experience 😋

A glorious platter for 3 consisted of nicely charred charsiu, roasted pork belly and a roast duck drumstick costs about $25 and is money well spent. Slathered in sauce, the duck is meaty and super flavourful and dont get me started on the pork crackling. Brittle and almost biscuit like, it gave a satisfying crunch with every bite. The meat itself was no slouch and I could literally count the interspacing layers of meat and fat. The charsiu was decent, but if i had a choice, I'd definitely go for the former two especially because they both go so well with the house picked cabbage.

That being said if you want the best bits, its definitely a good idea to go early or face disappointment.

I don't know why I haven't tried this place sooner.... I think it just made it to my top 3 places for grain bowls 😛😛😛 at an affordable price of $13.80, there are so many options to choose from! (1 grain + 1 protein + 3 sides) and they are generous with every portion. I got the black rice with garlic, falafel and beetroot daal, guac, broccoli and cauliflower salad as well as sweet potato. In addition to that, I chose the teriyaki miso dressing and got a complimentary dollop of alfalfa sprouts. It was so satisfying, a good quantity of healthy food to have on a plate for sure. It was also one of the few places whose grain bowls are so packed with flavor. Every component was tasty and could easily be eaten on its own (this is especially enjoyable for people like me who like to eat the items individually instead of mixing them all together). What a wonderful contrast of flavors and textures, a new favorite !

Decided to pop by on an uncrowded weekday to try this customisable budae jigae: opted for the cheese and mussels stew, which already had tteokbokki, odeng and kimchi ($13.90/pax with a min. of 2 pax) and added fried squid rings (mediocre), eggs and two portions of ramyeon ($3 each). The stew was spicy and comforting with a hint of sweetness, and the melding of flavours was delightful as it thickened into a rich, warming gravy. If only they were more generous with the tteokbokki, since Mukshidonna is a 'tteokbokki stew' joint......

Tip: don't leave the stew boiling for too long as you may find stuff sticking to the bottom of the pot!

Tried out one of their time-limited bowl of udon @ Citylink's outlet! It consists of minced chicken, spring onions, half boiled egg and garlic chilli oil, which adds a tad of spice flavour to the udon overall!

Price: $9
Extra add-ons of tempura are available at $2.0~$4.0 each, depending on which ingredient you have selected.

Free flow of condiments like seaweed, tempura flakes, red chilli and other sauces available for all!

Tai Wah cooked food

I have a love - hate relationship with Ham Chin pengs . My brain tells me that it's not good for me but my tongue tells me it is so good . In fact, the quality of hand made ham Chin pengs from tai wah is so good that it is worth the calories.

I love it that the red bean Ham cheen peng was Fresh and warm , fluffy , non greasy and oozing with a generous amount of red bean paste. I presume fresh oil is used to fry the ham cheen pengs because there was no trace of any stale oil taste .

A quick talk with the owner reveals that he insists on preserving the tradition of hand made ham cheen pengs while most have moved on to mechanisation and mass production . For that , I have deep respect for him because while there is more work involved , the ham cheen pengs here are only at 70cents each.
You pay lesser and get more taste and value as compared to what your would ordinarily get from stalls using frozen dough that are mass produced.

Taking a bite of this ham cheen Peng with a hot cup of tea is so comforting. You can almost feel that time has stood still and you return to your growing up years.

If you are still hungry , do also check out Ann Chin popiah which is just a few stalls down from tai wah. They serve delicious and very affordable popiahs.

When I ordered this, I wondered if this would taste more like a chocolate or cheese cake. But when I tasted it, I actually tasted both! Neither flavours were trying to outshine the other, both fused well and this really hits the spot when you are craving for both types of cakes but can only have one. Decadent but not overwhelming, I can't wait to be back to try more of their other cakes!

We came at night, when all the office workers had left for the day. The restaurant is clean and spacious. For singapore, this restaurant had a surprisingly large variety of Vietnamese delicacies. The omelette bahn mi was 10$ plus a drink. The meatball soup (SO GOOD) was 13$.

I never knew that Thai food consist of instant noodles. I always thought that Thai noodles are like the glass noodles and pad thai. So imagine my fascination when my colleague told me about this Pad Mama which I chose seafood to be fried with it. It's awesome, really nice, not oily or sticky and definitely a quick fix lunch!

Essentially noodles with both fishballs and meatballs, this S$4.00 item from Lao Xiang Fishball Noodle stall (#01-07) really comes with a total of 8 balls, just as shown on the signboard!

The fishballs were rather huge and are so soft and springy, it's so enjoyable chewing it. And the meatballs, though also factory-processed, was not tough to mince with my teeth. And yes, dry noodles should come with fried lard for that little extra flavour.

I would say, the soup did not taste like it was some boiled MSG, so the overall combination is pretty much worth that price tag.

I thought the portion would be small, considering they had 3 different sizes. Opted for the smallest, and it turned out that they were really generous!

For the smallest size, you have a choice of 1 main (pasta), 4 toppings (cherry tomatoes, corn, cucumber, chick peas), 1 protein (grilled chicken), and 1 sauce (Japanese gomi). Everything tasted good and fresh (the staff were seen chopping up ingredients), except that the chicken was kinda tough. For the price and portion, highly recommended!