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🌟Burpple's Review of the Day🌟

🌟Burpple's Review of the Day🌟

Featured reviews from Burpple's forever hungry community! #BurppleRotD
Burpple (Singapore)
Burpple (Singapore)
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Azteco & Strawberries Sorbet On Cone

Azteco is a dark chocolate sorbet. Love the chocolate taste. It does not feel too overwhelming or heavy like most chocolate ice cream does because it is a water based sorbet. The strawberries sorbet contains real strawberries and tastes light and refreshing, goes very feel with the chocolate sorbet. Looking forward to try the Cremino Venchi flavour, made of exclusive Piedmont P.G.J. hazelnuts and cocoa paste.

Simply could not resist these beauties, especially when there's a 1-for-1 deal (U.P.

$3.20 each) with the #burpple app! These tea puffs were created in collaboration with @dulcetnstudio featuring flavours exclusive to @1872clippertea. It's hard to pick a favourite when they were all so yummy!
Floral lovers would gravitate straight towards the perfume-y Eternal Garden that had a delicious rose aroma.
For more robust tea flavours, I'd highly recommend the Milk Tea, or Matcha.
And for those who prefer something more subtle might go for the lighter Earl Grey.
Thanks @burpple for jio-ing! #burpplegotjio #choux #chouxpuff #dessert

Cheese Bulgogi Chicken

We always saw this dish at other people's table.Finally tonight it is our turn to try it! Loved that they were generous with the cheese. If you are a fan of kimchi & tteok-bokki, you will love this dish! It was so hard to distinguish which was a piece of chicken when everything looked the same drenched in kimchi sauce!!! Or maybe they should have been more generous with the chicken! It costs around $30 after all!!! Maybe if it was the Korean deep fried chicken, it would have been even more satisfying..😛

So Satisfying!

I love Korean food, so I came to Tokyo Sundubu (Raffles City branch) with trepidation. It's Japanese leh, nice meh? But it blew me away!! By far the best sundubu I have ever tried! It even beats the one at Incheon airport which was my previous no. 1. The stew was spicy (level 3) and thick. The Seafood pancake was not bad. I absolutely had to try their other outlet at Suntec. Didn't disappoint. Level 4 was too spicy for me but hubby loved it. Potato cheese pancake was better than seafood. This is now our fav tofu stew.

Gotta Have Matchaaa

Great find, for lovers of Matcha Lattes! Authentically whisked with a chasen, delightful and antioxidant rich Matcha from Japan is added into the milk. Tried their iced Genmaicha Latte and Houjicha Latte (both can be made with no sugar added, yayy!). The lattes were not watered down with ice, like other places where they add so much ice you *almost* get nothing. Their soft serve flavour for the day was Matcha - Vanilla. Perfect mouthfeel i.e. creamy yet not too dense thus not cloying at all. Accepts credit card payment and also open early 😁


Probably the best ramen I've had in Singapore so far. Broth was very rich and flavourful and the noodles were well done. My favourite part of the dish was the flavoured ramen egg, along with the free flow of hard boiled eggs and bean sprouts!

Service was excellent as the service staff explained the difference between the Four Seasons ramen to us before we placed our order and ordering is convenient as it is done on a piece of paper where options such as "less oil" is offered. The price before GST/ service tax was $14.90 but worth it in my opinion, especially for the very filling amount!

Hidden gem found in Sembawang😍💎@commonchefscafe
It's located at 8 Jalan Legundi, 01-13
Singapore 759274
near the White Bee Hoon!

I'm missing the food and the cup of matcha already🤤The matcha here taste different from what you have tasted😉If you like Green Thai milk tea, you'll love the matcha here! Mixture of Thai tea leaves and Japanese matcha powder! I had two cups😝And that Truffle Tater Tots! I'm going back for that! 😋
Good news 😏
No GST and No Service charge!

Today I died and went to tuna heaven.

I visited Maguro Donya at suntec city based on a friends recent raving about their otoro don. At 39++ a set, it came with 6 glorious slices of fatty tuna rested on a bed of vinegared sushi rice. The set also came with a small bowl of chawamushi and a miso soup that was good, albeit slightly salty. But heck, the star of the show was the otoro. Deliciously fatty and melt in the mouth, the texture was almost akin to eating beef. Mildly sweet but so rich. The worst part of my meal was realizing i was on my last piece.

While definitely not the kind of meal, one would eat daily. It's definitely worth every dollar and such a good pick me up during the mid month slumber.

Food (8.5/10)
Ambience (7/10)
Overall (8/10)

Hidden Gem ✨

A true westie's pain is trying to find a good, nice place to eat that does not close before dinner. Found out about this place while mindlessly scrolling through Burpple and finally had a chance to try it with the fambam!

(clockwise from top) It'll be a waste if you come here and give a miss on their beef! The ribeye steak ($25) tho pricy was super juicy & succulent! Carbonara ($10) was a no brainer. Affordable priced, looked great, tasted FANTASTIC. Lastly, the Chicken Chop ($10) was soooo well done. Unknowingly gobbled it down so quickly because of how easy it was to peel the meat from the bone & the mash... omg, heavenly. Ended up trying the white snapper with quinoa ($15) too, and would definitely recommend it as well!! Overall, just try everything HAHAHAHA can't wait to be back!

Salted Egg Squid ($28 - medium) @kengengkee ...

I just love my calamari and when it's prepared with salted egg.. lagi best.. what's great is that the batter retained its crispiness and the salted egg wasn't too over powering.. putting the entire plate in front of me wasn't a good idea at all haha #burpple #nofilter #iphone7plus #happiness #whileimwaitingfortheloml #lomljns #lomljnck

Maximum Comfort!

1 for 1 deal on fried chicken? Sign me up!

Love that Burpple now has a deals feature which alerts you to food deals!

Had the Nashville hot 🐔 and buttermilk fried 🐔 ! Both chicken were well marinated, and tender even though they were thoroughly deep fried. Preferred the hot chicken over the normal one as it has a nice kick to it.

However, the real stars of the night were the Mac n cheese and biscuit with gravy. The Mac n cheese was done just right with a good amount of cheese and cream that did not end up being too jelat! The biscuit was rich and 'fluffy' which was complemented very well by the savoury gravy.

The promotion ends at 31 April, so better hurry up!


I've heard many people tell me that their popiah standards have fallen over the years, while prices have increased. But this has never stopped me from calling this place 'my favourite popiah' in Singapore. The auntie rolls them very thick, just the way I like it, and very tight, such that each bite you can get every bit of ingredients stuffed in the popiah. Everything here is done right: from the soft popiah skin (that magically holds everything together without breaking or falling apart) to the flavourful turnips that remain soft enough to the bite with the adequate amount of crunch. If you're a fan of the crunchy fried bits, Cosy Corner pops their own rice which makes the crunchy part stay crunchy for quite some time (at least long enough for me to carry this popiah home) and they are generous with it too! I hear their chilli is also damn shiok - but my spice tolerance is too low, I think I'll cry if I ate it. 😂 Lots of people order their popiah so be sure to spend quite some time waiting. Some days I spend 20 minutes, while other days I get it within 5 minutes so it all depends on your luck!