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🌟Burpple's Review of the Day🌟

🌟Burpple's Review of the Day🌟

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Burpple (Singapore)
Burpple (Singapore)
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I usually add on the fried sunny-side-up even though there’s already egg in the fried rice, but I love liquid yolk so... 😜
The highlight for me is dousing the whole plate with the stall’s belachan concoction, I love the spicy and pungent fermented shrimp chilli sauce, so much that I would’ve slurped it up if it wasn’t so spicy.
Issan Thai’s green curry and basil chicken are also hot sellers. It’s located at Tanjong Pagar Food Market #02-13.

Here, the Kway Teow is drenched with a very intense garlicky eggy sauce. If you are a garlic fan, you will love this. They are also very generous with their ingredients. Lots of cockles, Lup Cheong and fishcake. Ever since Lavender Fatty Heng closed down, this is one of the last few stalls serving a wet version of this dish. With the Marine Parade Food Center closing for renovation at the end of the month for about a year, I hope they will be able to find a new home soon.

Oyster Co. dishes out fresh Canadian oysters for just $1.99++ a pop. Creamy with a rich, decadent mouthfeel and the trademarked pleasant brininess of a fresh, succulent oyster, these majestic mollusks are an absolute steal. And yes, you are free to be as shellfish as you can possibly be.

Shuck yeah!

The umpteen time, thankfully the restaurant switches up the dimsum menu occasionally. After a >6 months hiatus considering how we were overseas for 3.5 months, I spot a new item (at least to me) today: Egg Yolk Cake. My aunts seem to have been here without me for they quickly explained how the cake was layered with salted egg yolk. The itchy sweet tooth in me had to order it and my eye lit up as I worked my way through the layers of soft steam Chinese cake and sweetened salted egg yolk with what seems like a faint resemblance of coconut.
This was after 2 rounds of our usual savory dim sum fare- mushroom dumpling, har kau, siew mai etc (I am sure a post about the consistent dim sum here hides in the archive of this Burrple account).

The truffle fries serving was just massive and awesome. We also had the salmon Yaki for starters which I liked as the salmon was not too dry. I knew their servings are very generous thus hubby and I shared their Rendang Daging Salai Linguine. The smoked meat is really tender and I really like the taste of it and it was not spicy! I also had their Bandung butter beer which I found a bit tad too sweet. However, I really enjoyed my meal and the service crew was just awesomely nice, patient and friendly! The place was damn crowded at dinner time so if you are the impatient type, might I suggest you come in slightly early to enjoy their wonderful meal!

Back to Wen Wen (in Geylang Bahru) ‧⁺◟( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ·̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ )

Love the seafood flavors and the super generous ingredients; it came loaded with crab, prawns, pork ribs, intestines (also you can order their prawn noodles FOC), and you can always bring your own ingredients to add! Also uncle is seriously the nicest hawker ever. Only downside is the hawker setting, but this is really worth the sweat.

The maggie instant ramen is nicely cooked and springy! I think they also added alil curry powder/tumeric powder to give this beauty an extra kick! Do try it as not only does it taste bomb, it's dirt cheap, at $2 only!(without meat).🤑😍

The chicken is cooked to tender perfection, very nice to bite into. I can taste individual rice grains, coated perfectly with the dark sauce (add to your own taste accordingly). Most importantly, the chaotar rice smell in the claypot is infused into the whole dish. Yums!

YTF lovers, rejoice! I had the minced pork YTF and it was one of the best I had. Springy noodles, marinated minced pork, fresh ingredients. I’m definitely coming back for more!

Fries. Creamy Mushrooms. -$26

Finally visited the latest cafe to pop up at Tiong Bahru. The decor here is great and there's a nice Parisian chic feel to the place. The Angus Beef is definitely a dish to consider when dining here. The Beef was cooked to perfection, with a lovely hue of pink in the center. The creamy mushroom was also nice and rich, a great accompaniment to the steak. You can also dip your fries to mop up the creamy sauce. Can't wait to come back to try the other dishes. Reservations are a must for brunch or lunch here.

I love cheese and I can’t deny it. Love this dish! Imagine taking the most exquisite mozzarella you’ve ever tried and imagine tearing it open with a fork (or even better, pulling it apart with your hands), and the smooth white outer skin revealing an oozing soft and creamy interior. The perfect combination with parma ham and salami in a bed of garden salad.