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🌟Burpple's Review of the Day🌟

🌟Burpple's Review of the Day🌟

Featured reviews from Burpple's forever hungry community! #BurppleRotD
Burpple (Singapore)
Burpple (Singapore)
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Rainbow Crepe Cake

For desserts, I decided to try their rainbow crepe cake and my goodness was it hella delicious! Coated with a thin layer of castor sugar on every slice, the taste of sweetness was well-balanced out with the dark chocolate syrup drizzled on the crepe cake. Overall, I thought it was a great combination and is definitely worth the try👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Price: $8

[$20] Halloumi and Eggs

I absolutely love halloumi so I had to order it when i saw it on the menu here! Everything on the pan was done amazingly. Creamy scrambled eggs, juicy mushrooms, sautéed spinach and the plump tomato came together nicely with the pita bread served on the side :) Was apprehensive dining here due to the lack of reviews but this really proves popularity isn't everything. Friendly staff and the view of yachts helps top everything off nicely too!

P.S. also tried the lamb wrap which was great as the lamb chunks were very generous.

P.P.S. it's on eatigo so you can dine with a discount!

My Chicken Leg!

One whole chicken leg in my tsukemen! That won my heart right away. The noodles were thick but springy. The dipping soup had a wonderful chicken soup aroma. So comforting. I wanted to try the mazesoba but they use breast meat. No thanks. The spicy chicken ramen (rich soup) was good too. Hubby loves their free eggs and bean sprouts.

This Hae Cho menu item caught our attention.

Wrapped in crispy fried beancurd skin, the fillings were substantial and made up of minced prawns, pork and water chestnuts. The accompanying plum sauce elevated the overall taste of this dish by giving the savoury dish a sweet and sour note.

Crunchy Tempura Soft Shell Crab Paired With Buttery Pancakes ($17.90)

A beautifully presented dish accompanied with wasabi-mayo sauce. This sweet savoury is almost magical, tingles the tastebuds and rides smoothly down your palate. Safe to say, I picked the right dish in the menu.

Prawn Mee ($5)

Ordered the one with the pork ribs. Definitely one of the best best best prawn mee I've eaten. Although the price might be a bit above the norm but it was totally worth it. The prawns were sweet and fresh (saw the auntie take it out from a pile of ice too). Soup was as rich as it could get and noodles were perfectly done.

The hawker was a pretty damn hot tho. Dress light!

Protein Bowl

MOJO's DIY protein bowls are offered in the day from 1130am onwards. I ordered the standard sized ($14) which comes with 1 protein, 1 base, 3 vegetables, 1 topping and 1 sauce. (If you're not feeling as hungry, you may choose the petite bowl @ $10 which offers a choice of 1 veg instead of 3)

I chose salmon, baby spinach, Thai papaya salad, miso eggplant and sautéed mushrooms topped with fuijkake and pesto sauce.

The Thai papaya salad and pesto sauce gave a sour and refreshing twist to the bowl; and the salmon was cooked to perfection.

Would definitely come back to try their other vegetable sides!

Heavenly Pancakes From Hell's Kitchen!

Wow, we had an amazing brunch at Bread Street Kitchen and these fluffy blueberry pancakes with soft serve were one of the highlights along with the incredibly hospitable staff and the kid friendly welcome pack, which when included a paper sailor hat, a coloring book and some colored pencils! The pancakes were moist and fluffy with juicy blueberries!

$2 Penang Chendol

I love the chendol from Malaysia Boleh. It's only $2 for a small bowl, but it's just the right portion. Green worm jellies are not powdery or frozen, and kidney beans are firm and soft without being mushy. And it's a small enough portion such that the ice doesn't melt so fast that you end up drinking cold coconut milk.

Salted Egg Chicken Waffles

I usually do not like to order battered chicken cutlet, but this one could be one of the exceptional ones for me. I find the batter quite flavourful and the chicken meat was tender and juicy. Dipping it into the salted egg sauce, soaking up the goodness and popping it in your mouth is just pure pleasure.

The pairing of black charcoal waffles pays homage to their famous black charcoal salted egg yolk ice cream, which many who have been to Fat Cat cafe can relate to.

Scrambled eggs, chorizo and cheese toast ($4) 🍞🍳

Who knew you could get a hearty western breakfast in our hawker centers? The scrambled eggs were soft and decadent, well-seasoned with freshly cracked pepper and topped off with generous slices of chorizo. The cheese toast was also to die for, with rich, creamy cheese sandwiched between their house made bread! Extra kudos for the service, the owner told me to "要烧烧吃!" Hope your budding business takes off and more people recognize Taste Affair's amazing culinary skills 😊

Chorizo Aglio Olio ($5.90) with Chicken Roulade (+$2) and 63 Degree Egg (+$0.60)

On its own, the aglio was done really well, nicely salted with a hint of spice. But when the egg was mixed in, it created a unique sauce with the olive oil and juices from the chorizo, taking it up another notch. The chicken roulade slices were crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and the mushroom filling went well with the chicken. It was a very satisfying meal and I walked out of Clifford Centre really happy and full. It looks ordinary but the flavours are solid!