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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Not too bad, the olive oil caviar could have been more generous and the ratio is abit off(there's too much chocolate), but otherwise the smooth and thick chocolate was good.

Best thing we had here, overall no need to visit

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First ever crispy paella I had, and I've had a lot of paellas. However their crisp is the kind that's like claypot rice, and while it's strong enough at some parts it's not particularly good

Everything else was average. Clams were alright, mussels weren't fresh, very oily overall to produce the crisp, octopus was tough, and the stock lacked depth

Overall barely serviceable

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Very creamy and u taste potatoes, plus it's not as jelat as it seems. Their aioli is damn weak you can't taste anything but overall, the mild taste didn't impress me.

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Decently seasoned but somewhat flat, it's serviceable overall. The prawns were the normal meaty kind

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The bread was very airy and crispy but the crust was a little hard. Tomato was real but not prominent enough at all, and olive oil was way too generous.
Quite average

Raspberry sorbet was decent and went well w the mild but slightly savoury cheesecake. Despite the ooze the texture was in between a normal Basque cheesecake and a new York. Overall pretty decent

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Not bad at all, the pineapple wasnt overly charred and it's still very juicy, the coconut gelato was of a high standard too with excellent texture, and portion was perfect

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FIRST crispy paella I've had, and I've had a lot of paellas. Finally, idk why it's so hard for Spanish restaurants to do paella the way it's supposed to

The bottom is well crusted and there's a burnt aroma, not everyone is a fan of that but I'd say it's worth the slightly hard, crispy texture. The squid ink taste is prominent and it's not filled w other distracting flavours. Clams were superbly fresh, baby squid was good too and mussels were passable.

Make sure you scrape the bottom, it's a must try for the lack of proper paella in singapore

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This is the one dish that everyone gets here, definitely get the add on

Despite the look these actually aren't normally prawns, much sweeter and succulent than the usual grainy meatiness. Garlic was nice, bread was very suitable, and the sambal didn't have much heat but was otherwise legit and flavour packed.

Their spin on Gambas al ajillo is amazing, such ingenuity to combine flavours from around the world and it melds so harmoniously.

If there's one flaw it's that it's rather oily at the bottom but no Biggie.

Must try

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This was pretty decent,not too strong. Thank God it's real truffle inside and not truffle oil as it once was. Well balanced and the toast was airy, crispy, and has integrity.

Surprisingly it just tastes like 1 cheese even though it's called a terrine.

Quite pricey but the quality of the ingredients sorta justify the price. Small Japanese squids which were of excellent texture, just a bit of chew and extraordinary softness for squid. Squid ink aioli was mild but the garlic puree was pretty bomb

Must try if not for the price, get it for sure if you're out to splurge

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PSA the water is MODA purified and is free flow at 3+ per pax. Damn ridiculous but I have to admit it does taste abit different. Not a difference im willing to pay for

The toast was crispy and the anchovy was intense. While it's not fishy I felt like the sauce covered the taste of the anchovy due to the oily nature of the sauce. And really it doesn't taste particularly good, tastes quite normal

Overall seems to me like a quite tryhard place, it's so ulu yet it charges prices that are as high as Spanish restaurants in the city, and people come here taking it very seriously(rightly so given their spending), when the food isn't particularly good.


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