PSA: tldr go bar, don't get main tapas deal of 5

places that have two dining area makes for the greatest headaches seriously. This place is particularly bad, cos the portions suck as well. Apparently the bar area can order everything, from the bar menu to the main menu. The main menu can't order from the bar menu, with more reasonable portion sizes so you can taste everything. What's more, their main menu portions are huge, they're seriously the sizes of small mains themselves, and the deal is for 5 mains at 156++. They're encouraging you to severely over-order, and every staff always kindly reminds you that maybe you have ordered too much. Very nice of the staff but the fundamental problem is their deal and their portion sizes. 2 people would have trouble finishing 5 main-size tapas, much less have space for dessert.
Did I mention the bar tapas sizes are not the same as the main dining area tapas sizes? See how stupid this place is now?

For reference: tapas tasting menu 6 tapas is good for 2 pax if you're ordering drinks, because you can choose desserts as well. Get 5 tapas deal from main area only if you have 3 pax, then maybe half a paella and a dessert.

The food: the sugar crust is perfect, but the slightly grainy custard is not as pleasant as your usual smooth custard. Overall it's alright

Overall: without reading reviews in advance I would have been really frustrated with the main dining area, but based on just this bar dining experience, it's quite obvious their stuff are overpriced and the quality isn't superb. Skip, there's better Spanish places.

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