Second time patronizing this small unassuming restaurant nested among the HDB blocks, prices are affordable and food is delicious.

The truffle burger contained a beef patty and mushrooms doused in truffle oil so I could really smell and taste it. Fries was crispy and in a generous portion. Ribeye (medium) was heaven with every bite... so soft! Their mac & cheese is the bombz for cheese lovers, you have to order this when you are there!

Utilized BB 1 for 1 so it was $19.50 in total. No GST and svc charge, and there is complimentary water as well. Do note that for BB, only 1 dish can be a steak dish (either ribeye or sirloin) and the other dish has to be either chicken/pork/fish or pasta/burger.

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Unable to choose sugar level as its fixed due to the addition of honey but it was just right for me! Not too sweet ~ A thirst quenching drink for a hot day!

Utilized BB 1 for 1 so we got 2 drinks for only $3! 👍🏻

I love unagi and this was good but not one of the better ones I have tried. It would be good to have more unagi (there were too much rice imo) as well.

Utilized BB 1 for 1 so it was worth ($10/pax before GST & svc charges) but wouldn’t pay the full price for it... Do note that the deal is only applicable for donburi but the menu is not as extensive irl as compared to what was shown online as q a few were marked out. There was also no wagyu beef donburi which we wanted to try when we went yesterday.


Calling all cheese lovers- you will love this pizza as it contains 4 different kinds of cheese! Mozzarella, parmesan, feta and cheddar cheese 🧀

Again, it was on BB 1 for 1 so $17.12 in total for 2 pizzas.
P/S: BB only applicable for classic pizzas and selected pastas, please check with staff first~

We love this pizza! The aroma of roasted garlic + shrimps and onions in wine-butter sauce + thin crust = 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Generous portion of shrimps too! Highly recommend to try this!

We have BB 1 for 1 so it was $17.12 ($16 + GST) in total for 2 pizzas. The 2 of us only managed to finish half of each pizza and packed the rest to bring home. Pretty worth for 2 meals haha.
P/S: Complimentary water available (self-service).

This was meh, milk tea was not fragrant and pearls were not chewy... can give this a pass and buy other milk teas outside.

Another fav from this store- the minced meat sauce went well with both rice / noodles! Chose nacho cheese sauce for the pork chop (other sauces: salt & pepper / BBQ) and no regrets~ Worth a try!

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Meesua with fried crispy chicken and pork intestines- love this too!!! Huge fan of Taiwanese food and the meesua went very well with the chicken, intestines and chili.

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Love this braised pork rice!!! The braised meat was soft and melted in your mouth, the minced meat sauce was just the right salty and savoury and the egg was 💯~

Available on BB 1 for 1 so it was a steal! They have a current promotion where you can buy a main (from this list) and get a drink or dessert (from a list also) for free. But the braised pork rice was $7.80 on that menu so technically you are paying $1 for the drink/dessert and its not free? Hahaha.

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Contains Crispy Bacon, Button Mushrooms, Shaved Egg- I love carbonara but this was pretty meh. Prefer poached egg / creamy egg / egg yolk to shaved egg as I can’t really taste the shaved egg as intensely (esp. the yolk) as the other variations. Yknow how the yolk goes so well with the creamy sauce... (please note that is just my personal preference/opinion!)

Booked a 50% discount on Eatigo so it was $12.50 (GST and svc charge not included yet).

I am a huge fan of matcha latte and always sourcing for the best matcha latte in Singapore- and this iced matcha latte didn’t disappoint! Premium matcha whisked to order and the bitter taste of matcha matched so well with the milk... love it!

It is on BB so we got it at $6.30 for 2. 😄

Meltique Sirloin Steak, Panini Bread, Cheddar Cheese, Bell Pepper, Onion, Garlic Aioli, Butter, coleslaw, spiced fries- first few bites were not bad but bread was a bit too dry. Spiced fries was great though!

Book a 50% discount slot on Eatigo so it was $12 (GST and svc charge not included yet).