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Amanda Tan
Amanda Tan

Calling all cheese lovers- you will love this pizza as it contains 4 different kinds of cheese! Mozzarella, parmesan, feta and cheddar cheese 🧀

Again, it was on BB 1 for 1 so $17.12 in total for 2 pizzas.
P/S: BB only applicable for classic pizzas and selected pastas, please check with staff first~


We love this pizza! The aroma of roasted garlic + shrimps and onions in wine-butter sauce + thin crust = 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Generous portion of shrimps too! Highly recommend to try this!

We have BB 1 for 1 so it was $17.12 ($16 + GST) in total for 2 pizzas. The 2 of us only managed to finish half of each pizza and packed the rest to bring home. Pretty worth for 2 meals haha.
P/S: Complimentary water available (self-service).

Contains Crispy Bacon, Button Mushrooms, Shaved Egg- I love carbonara but this was pretty meh. Prefer poached egg / creamy egg / egg yolk to shaved egg as I can’t really taste the shaved egg as intensely (esp. the yolk) as the other variations. Yknow how the yolk goes so well with the creamy sauce... (please note that is just my personal preference/opinion!)

Booked a 50% discount on Eatigo so it was $12.50 (GST and svc charge not included yet).

I love the spinach linguine!!! The dish was quite oily but other than that, it’s a 👍🏻~ Squid and prawn bits were fresh and generous as well.

Fusion of Japanese Sesame sauce with spaghetti turned out to be a pretty good creamy combi! My dining partner found the portion to be on the smaller side though.

With BB 1 for 1, it’s only $10.23 for 2 pastas!
P/S: Water is complimentary :-)

Bad quality photo as the restaurant was dark and I had to use flash to be able to see the food... A tad too spicy for my liking but there was a generous amount of chicken and I personally like linguine (which the sauce went well with).

Bought beef burger ($18) as well (shown in prev review) and bill came up to be $19.80 after utilizing BB 1 for 1 - very worth for a restaurant at Robertson Quay~ Will come back.

P/S: BB only applies to Main Dish & Pasta selection.

Truffle Mushroom Bacon Farfalle (but we changed it to Tagliatelle) was creamy and generously cooked with lots of mushrooms and bacon! Tomyum Seafood had a little sour spicy kick with 2 prawns, 2 mussels and a few clams. Very filling as well.

Each dish is $17 but with BB 1 for 1, it is $17 for both! Very worth and also happy to announce that service charge & GST are already included. However, do note that Beef Ragu (a pasta dish) is not applicable under BB. Wanted to try that initially. :(

Location is a bit out of the way and it closes early at 9pm but would go back again to try other food!

Ordered the Ravioli Truffle ($28) under Chef’s Special and IT WAS MOUTHGASM!!! I love it soooo much, the smell and taste were heavenly. 13 pieces of ravioli with truffle inside might be too pricey for $28 but I think it was still okay with BB 1 for 1.

The prawn olio olio ($19) is a fusion dish with blue curly pasta, prawns, lap cheong crumble and tobiko dosed in sichuan garlic oil- very unique and yummy! Truffle cream ($18) is a more common pasta dish with mushrooms and truffle- never goes wrong! We ordered 2x spicy pork belly ($4 each) and were pleasantly surprised by the generosity of pork belly given! The whole set up don’t look much but we were really full. Utilised 1 for 1 BB and paid a total of $27.

Both were yummy but could be more generous with the smoked salmon! Total = ~$37 with 1 for 1 BB.

Menu could be more extensive as well. There were only 3 kinds of pizza and 2 kinds of pasta available.

The prawn mushroom pasta was not dry enough (as compared to the photo on the menu) and taste was pretty normal. 5 prawns but barely any mushrooms. Love the truffle creamy pasta as the truffle taste was strong but turkey bacon/mushrooms were too few... Portions were q small too. Imo, not worth to pay the original price $15.90 for each dish, or even half price for it.

Make your own pizza / pasta options available but we decided to go ahead with 2 of KB’s favorites- Ali Baba (garlic, pesto and white cream sauce) and Hawaii Five-O (smokey bbq sauce) which were really interesting! It was a Thursday evening but the place was very quiet - only 3 groups incl. us. $16 in total after using BB’s 1 for 1 deal. Quite pricey if there wasn’t any deals...

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Food for life

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