If you're old enough to remember eating Mini Melts in your childhood, then you're in for a nostalgic treat. Claimed to be the smallest nitrogen ice cream in the world, the tiny, frozen beads come in ten flavours, from classic Double Chocolate to tropical Pineapple Orange. As its name suggests, these tiny ice cream balls melt in the mouth. The Regular cup ($5.50) only gets you one flavour, so we highly recommend going for the Combo Cap ($7.90), which allows you to pair two flavours.
Avg price: $6 per person
Photo by Burppler Hwans Lim

Whilst the salmon fillets had the seasoned competency of a 35-year-old Japanese professional, the same cannot be said for the drought-stricken rice, so arid that traversing camels are miserably falling on their sides to the ground. 3.2/5

The Short Review

Price Range: $15-$20

Nearest MRT: one-north

Instagrammability: High -
Good lighting, typical café furnishings & boxes with little slips of questions to while the time away.

1) Cinnamon French Toast [$14.00]
Pretty normal but I liked it, with an adequate topping of caramel, jam and cinnamon crusts.

2) Sally's Baked Eggs [$16.00]
A baked bowl of tomato goodness.
Think a hearty bowl of last night's leftovers. Peppery, warm comfort food.

3) Salmon Eggs Benedict [$17.00]
Meh. Functional at best.

Come Here: Again.


The glistening, the marinate, and the melt in your mouth fatty char Siew. Wanna have this again. By the way, Char moved to Jalan Besar, no new geotag yet.
Warning: close ups of fatty char Siew may cause hunger or unease.

After hearing people rave and rave about this, I've finally dragged my lazy ass down to Sembawang to try this famed Tze char store. Loved every dish on the table, favourite being the prawn omelette which was fluffy, not too oily and had a beautiful wok hei. In fact it reminds me so much of an oyster omelette, just that this is the prawn version. Chicken wings are a popular choice here- crispy, not too oily and easy to eat. Sweet potato leaves were not bad, but I was never a fan of sweet potato leaves. And of course the white beehoon which deserves a standalone post....

From a stall named Vietnamese Food Bahn Mi & Pho in the same coffeeshop as 5 Star Western Food and Thai Jing Jing (recently relocated to Hougang). This is the Vietnamese Bread with BBQ Pork. At $4, this is probably the best Bahn Mi you could get at such price. Prepared on the spot, the baguette comes totally crisp on the exterior, yet fluffy and comes buttered on the inside with a chopped peanuts for a bit of crunch and flavour (didn't know about the peanuts when I ordered though), while the pickled vegetables were tangy with a little sweetness. BBQ Pork isn't really flavourful, nor the portion could be said as generous but the slices were chunky enough to give it enough bite, but it is saved by the oh-so-savoury bun and the flavorful condiments that the pork doesn't have to carry much a taste for this to be enjoyable.

Mr & Mrs Maxwell is a cafe-cum-lounge concept nestled in the lobby of The Club, the same boutique hotel that houses The Disgruntled Chef. Serving all-day breakfast and local delights in the day, it transforms into a chic lounge at night serving cocktails and the usual libations. Try the surprising Poached Sakura Chicken Roulade ($18), a posh take on the humble chicken rice that boats succulent chicken topped with blitzed spring onion and ginger, accompanied by a side of greens and chilli sauce that packs a punch. Don't miss their Fried Ice-Cream ($9), a delectable duo of battered vanilla ice cream balls and oat-crusted banana fritters. Best part? They’re open till 2am, making this a great spot for noshing on a luxurious late night supper with drinks!

Opened till late, Long Phung is a popular go-to place for late post-work dinners, or a different kind of supper grub. Enjoy a classic chicken or beef pho, crispy fried spring rolls, a refreshing bowl of grilled pork with vermicelli, or garlic cockles. If you love spice, don't miss their Spicy Beef Stew Noodle Soup — it's so darn satisfying. It can get crowded, especially during meal times, so expect queues! For a really tasty, affordable Vietnamese fare at under $10, it's well worth the wait.

At $25/pax, you get to choose up to 2 different soups for your individualized pot. Ordering is done through an iPad with choices like meats, fish, seafood, vegetables, etc. mostly all the usual dishes you see at steamboat places! Appetizers, fruits and sauces are available too with no extra charge. Dishes came rather quickly but order 1 pax portion to better gauge the amount before ordering more. We were so stuffed from our orders haha! I had the Ma La and Chicken soups, both were quite average. Not quite something I would return to although portions of dishes were generous.

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Comforting on a rainy day. But I still prefer the dry version cos it's tastier!

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Comforting on a rainy day. But I still prefer the dry version cos it's tastier!

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Dragonfruit toast sandwiched with sliced ham, cucumber, roquette leaves, mango chutney and over easy egg. Served with fries. Abit trying too hard to impress I feel. Can't really taste the concept of this dish. Too many flavors that don't really compliment each other. Pretty instaworthy though. 龍果土司的配料太複雜了。有些時候,秘方與菜料簡單反而更妙!

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